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Drain Testing Methods

Posted on: April 7th, 2014

There are various methods of drain testing available depending on the circumstances and the nature of the particular problem to resolve.

CCTV drain survey is the most commonly used method of drain testing and involves inspecting a drain with a camera and reporting any defects.

Drain Testing

Drain Testing commonly involves a CCTV survey

hydraulic water test is used when testing for water-tightness, this test involves stopping up the down-stream pipe in the manhole and filling the drain with water until it can be visually observed at the top end of the pipe.  If the water level goes down it means the drain is leaking.

Dye testing can be used in conjunction with hydraulic water testing which involves adding a colour dye to the water, if the pipe is leaking into a basement area this type of test can highlight the drainage which is causing the problem.

Air testing is used when testing a pipe for air tightness and this involves stopping up both ends of the pipe and then putting the pipe under air pressure using a testing device.  If the pressure drops then the pipe has failed the test.

Drain testing specialists Scanseal

Drain testing specialists Scanseal


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