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High Quality Pipe Inspection Images Captured By The Maxprobe

Posted on: May 11th, 2015


maxprobe pushrod drain system

Maxprobe Pipe Inspection System with Wincan Embedded Reporting Software as standard

When purchasing a new CCTV drain camera a top consideration will be, does the unit capture high quality pipe inspection images? The Maxprobe from Scanprobe has an impressive specification and the picture quality is further enhanced while on site with the day light readable 10 inch screen which allows clear viewing during periods of bright sunlight . The Maxprobe camera unit delivers the following industry leading statistics:


Video Statistics:

Resolution = 720 x 576

Frames per Second = 25

Bitrate = 1500 kbps (average – will vary depending on movement and amount of colour) Video Encoder = H264 MPEG-4(part 10 -avc1)

* This video encoder provides highly efficient encoding so you obtain a better quality video for a smaller file size.

* This encoder gives more fluent and better quality playback than older encoders.

* Includes a modern encoding mechanism supported by most video players.


Display Statistics:

Size = 10.4″

Resolution = SVGA (800 x 600)

Number of Colours = 262k

DPI = 96 dpi (seems to be the statistic that smartphone/tablet/laptop manufacturers like to use and defines the pixels per inch)

* Large viewing area for videos on the Maxprobe, 86% of available screen real estate used to display video on recording and playback


Below are some recent examples of very high quality images captured directly by the Maxprobe:

High Quality Pipe Inspection Images

Badly fitting supersleeve pipework with shingle coming through from ground

High Quality Pipe Inspection images

Severe open/offset joint in 100mm clay pipe

High Quality Pipe Inspection Images

Supersleeve pipe with what looks like a hole made in the back of the pipe

High Quality Pipe inspection Images

150mm deformed pitch fibre pipe

High Quality Pipe Inspection Images

Broken supersleeve pipe 100mm diameter with fibrous root showing

High Quality Pipe Inspection Images

Severe offset on a slight bend

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