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Scanprobe join the Parliamentary Review for 2020

Posted on: August 19th, 2019

It is with great honour than we can announce that Scanprobe have been invited to contribute to The Parliamentary Review in 2020.  The Parliamentary Review is sent to over 500,000 leading business executives, policy makers and other relevant individuals. In recent years, it has featured forewords by Theresa May, David Cameron, Caroline Lucas, Lucy Powell and many other political figures. It is co-chaired by former Education Secretary, Home Secretary & Work & Pensions Secretary, Lord Blunkett, and the former Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities Lord Pickles.


Scanprobe have been invited to contribute to The Parliamentary Review in 2020

Scanprobe have been invited to contribute to The Parliamentary Review in 2020


The Parliamentary Review is a publication which aims to raise standards by showcasing best practice to the UK’s leading policymakers and executives.  Scanprobe have been selected amongst a select group of organisations to “show excellence in their field” and to act “as an example to our peers”, and so we are truly honoured to have been selected to represent the drainage industry.  Copies of the Parliamentary Review publication will be distributed to leading policymakers and executives, with the aim of raising standards through sharing best practice.


“We hope to help shape the industry for the better by sharing best practice to The Parliamentary Review. The aim is to raise standards, improve the customer experience, educate, and remove bad practice. Scanprobe Techniques have always striven to be different to our competition and make a positive impact in the drainage industry, and we have sought to keep the industry moving forwards through our own continuous innovation.  We are always looking to maintain the highest standards possible, and we adhere to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2018.”
Jon Barry, Managing Director, Scanprobe Techniques Ltd.

The Annual Gala to mark the release of The Parliamentary Review is hosted at The Palace of Westminster

The Annual Gala to mark the release of The Parliamentary Review is hosted at The Palace of Westminster

To mark the release of The Parliamentary Review, we have also been invited to attend the Annual Gala at the Palace of Westminster for the official release of the review, along with guest speakers who in the past have included England RFU Coach Eddie Jones, Rugby World Cup Winner Johnny Wilkinson, England and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd & former Prime Minister Tony Blair.  This will be a fantastic showcase event that Scanprobe cannot wait to be a part of, and represent the drainage inspection industry at.  But for now, work begins on our submission into the Parliamentary Review itself!

Cowboys Beware: there’s a new Sheriff in town…

Posted on: May 17th, 2019

It’s 2019, not the Wild West, but yet somehow cowboys are still a problem in today’s society.  Only in this case it is cowboy firms who are looking to trick the consumers with un-necessary work and fabricated activity.  And as the public are unlikely to know the great extent of the pipework residing beneath their property, it can be easy to confuse them with terminology and insist upon them that certain repair works must be carried out.  Especially if the reason they have called a company out is an emergency and they “just want to get it sorted”.


Cowboys Beware: There's a new Sheriff in town

With mina, we can help to eliminate cowboys from our industry and provide more confidence for the public


Much like taking your car to the garage to have a simple oil change, only to be told that you need to replace all four brake-pads and calipers, as well as refill the air freshener, whilst you weren’t expecting to hear that, you haven’t investigated for yourself, and how would you?  After all, they are the specialist in this field.  So ultimately you begrudgingly accept this additional and unexpected cost in order to get your vehicle back, but always wondering if there was actually a problem with the brakes.  Funnily enough, the drainage industry is very similar, as very rarely do you come across a member of the public who owns a drainage camera and frequently surveys their property, instead just assume that when it flushes, its gone somewhere else.


The problem comes when you hear of various stories where another company has been called out, either to supply another quote for repair/restoration works, only to survey the pipeline with a camera system to discover that the ‘cowboy’ quotation contains faults and issues that aren’t actually present in the pipeline at all, and whilst where it might simply need a jetting to clear a blockage, the ‘cowboy’ quotation cites the need to “use a mechanical cutter to remove a root intrusion, then fit a patch”.  Members of the Facebook group “Sewer men and proud” will recall frequent posts where their members highlight such fraudulent activities that they have come across where the customer has been given a quote for £thousands when upon their survey they have quoted £hundreds.


Using mina as part of your customer service can help restore customer’s faith, through 3 simple stages:


1) PROVE that there is an issue by showing the customer a live video of the inside of their pipeline on your iPhone or iPad

2) EXPLAIN the pipe network and where any work will need to take place using a digitally designed survey map on top of a Google Maps image

3) DISCUSS the issue(s) with the customer at the time of the survey, and provide them a full and thorough report there and then.


If any corrective work is required, they will have the confidence that you have performed a thorough survey and are more likely to ask you to go ahead and carry out the works.  The more companies using mina to help the public understand what needs to be done and why, the less room there is for cowboys to trick them.  Download mina today for free from the App Store to get started, and if you have an existing Maxprobe or TrapJumper control box you can arrange through the Scanprobe Service Team ( to get a free update to enable the wireless connectivity and get the BRAND NEW mina survey reporting software.  All new units come with this as standard.

A bit of Maxprobe Maintenance results in a cash prize!

Posted on: January 28th, 2019

The maintenance of any piece of equipment is important to ensure a high quality of service and value for money, and why should your push-rod camera system be any different?  This was the question faced by Kieran, Kevin & Tim at Blockbusters in Sussex, with their large fleet of drainage survey vans recently each being fitted with a brand new Maxprobe pipeline inspection system in October 2018.  This is the latest investment in their infrastructure, and rightly they were keen to make sure that their workforce would keep the maintenance of their individual Maxprobe systems high on their priority list, after all, equipment maintenance costs money outside of warranty repairs. The question was, how?


The answer: competition.


UK Sales Manager Vernon Pain came up with the idea to accompany the sale of 12 brand new Maxprobe systems with two cash prizes, funded by Scanprobe, to be awarded to the teams with the Maxprobe’s in the best condition after 3 months of use, and needless to say the results were staggering.  Putting camera maintenance up the scale of importance lead to Vernon judging 12 very well maintained and cared-for Maxprobe cameras.  Ones that had been carefully cleaned after use, secured within their vans, and some even had been given clear and designated spaces within the engineer’s vans, rather than being crammed in anywhere possible.


Maxprobe Maintenance Checks being carried out by Vernon

Maxprobe Maintenance Checks being carried out by Vernon


Tim Hayes, one of the Directors at Blockbuster said “It’s worked out perfectly, with a man from the dig up team and one from the CCTV team each being awarded a prize. It just goes to show that you just need to show consideration for the equipment, and it’s not that hard”

Vernon looks to announce the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition

Vernon looks to announce the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition

The winners, Kallum & Ian were very happy to receive their prizes and certificate, and Vernon admitted “There wasn’t a great deal to choose between them, all of the lads have clearly looked after their Maxprobe’s very well.”


Vernon with the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition, Ian (L) and Kallum (R)

Vernon with the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition, Ian (L) and Kallum (R)

With maintenance and repairs taking vital equipment off the site and into the workshop, the simple upkeep of your machinery could not be more important.  A few maintenance tips  your Maxprobe (or TrapJumper) can be found below:


- Hose down and dry your push rod after each use

- Don’t use your push rod camera as a battering ram if you encounter a blockage!

- Make sure to wipe down the keyboard and monitor, and ensure it is dry before closing the control box

- Apply the handbrake when storing the camera

- Periodically apply electrical grease/WD40 to the connector between the camera head and the rod

Scanprobe Expands Distribution into the Danish Market

Posted on: June 21st, 2018

Scanprobe Techniques are delighted to announce our new distribution partnership with Danish television inspection company JKL Teknik A/S today to distribute our flagship model push-rod camera, the Maxprobe, into Denmark.  Marking the company’s first venture across the channel, Scanprobe are excited at the opportunities that this partnership with a company with over 20 years’ experience in the industry presents.  Jon Barry, Managing Director of Scanprobe Techniques, says of the new distribution partnership:

Scanprobe and JKL Teknik

This is a fantastic move for Scanprobe Techniques, and I firmly believe that it shows our belief in our Maxprobe push-rod camera unit that we are expanding our distribution into Europe.  JKL Teknik A/S have a rich history in the sewer inspection industry, and with their high level of expertise in this field I feel they are perfectly positioned to take the Maxprobe to market and help us to expand into Europe.  I look forward to working together with Johnny and his team.”


Jon Barry and Vernon Pain meet with Johnny Nicolaisen and Kristian Wistisen of JKL Teknik A/S

Jon Barry (far left) and Vernon Pain (far right) meet with Johnny Nicolaisen (l-c) and Kristian Wistisen (r-c) of JKL Teknik A/S

Johnny Nicolaisen from JKL Teknik said of the partnership:


We have been very impressed with the Maxprobe camera system for some time and so the opportunity to take it to the Danish market is very exciting for us.  It is clear the amount of time and effort that Jon and his team are continuously putting into the on-going development of the Maxprobe to make it the best push-rod camera on the market, and I believe we at JKL Teknik A/S are perfectly positioned to deliver this push-rod camera system to market here in Denmark.”


For all enquiries in Denmark you can contact JKL Teknik A/S at

Scanprobe’s Trenchless Technology Lands at Utility Week Live!

Posted on: June 6th, 2018

Scanprobe made our debut appearance at Utility Week Live at the NEC, demonstrating our trenchless technology to the crowds that came to visit over the busy two-day exhibition, twinned with edie Live.

Alex Rose talks Trenchless Technology at UWL18

Alex Rose talks Trenchless Technology at UWL18



Situated in the “Streetworks area of the exhibition, surrounded by companies looking to make safe the areas that companies have dug up and excavated, we were perfectly positioned to demonstrate our offering to the trenchless technology environment, the Maxprobe.  We sent our Technical Support Manager Alex Rose and Marketing Manager Ben Gane to man the stand and talk to the public, and from the look of our social media accounts they not only had a lot of interest over the two days, but had a lot of fun too!


Reports back from the exhibition indicate a great deal of interest in the Maxprobe from utility companies, as well as some transport infrastructure companies too all interested in how they could benefit from our trenchless technology.  Many visitors were happy to test the technical resolve of Alex who, as we expected, was confidently answering their questions whilst others tried the Maxprobe out for themselves on our demonstration pipe, working the camera past a few commonly found blockages in order to earn themselves a voucher to get money off their first Maxprobe purchase.


Visitors try the Maxprobe on the stand

Visitors try the Maxprobe on the stand

Of the exhibition, Ben said:

“As my first exhibition with the company and therefore taking a different approach to how Scanprobe will have done things in the past, I am delighted with the success of the show from our point of view.  The interest shown in our product and company was strong and genuine, and I feel like this show has really strengthened our position with these companies and visitors who came to see us.  I look forward to coming back again next year!”


So some great interest expressed in the Maxprobe trenchless technology, we now have a little break until we exhibit again.  “But where?” you ask…all shall be revealed soon enough!

New Hotbox Fleet Arrives at Renoline

Posted on: June 6th, 2018

A brand new shiny fleet of hotboxes have arrived at the Renoline Trade Counter, available for both hire and purchase.

Renoline Hotbox Fleet

Renoline Hotbox Fleet

Operations Manager Andy Booth took the decision to replace and update the existing model of hotbox available from the Renoline store for these rust-proof stainless steel models, and he couldn’t be happier with his decision:


“I had been looking to upgrade our existing hotbox option and wanted to supply a model that I knew that I could count on, and more importantly one that our customers could rely on; one that would add to the shared intent of the entire Renoline range which is to be strong enough to do the job in the most testing of environments that our industry puts us in.  I am very confident that this hotbox will stand up to the test and our customers will benefit from this upgrade.”


Andy has a good point, with this latest hotbox boasting a weather-resistant, rust proof stainless steel cover, an 8ft joining hose, a zintec-coated steel chassis finished with polyester, whilst also being capable of producing water up to 150ºC and boiling 15 litres per minute at 200bar.


So when the curing of a pipe liner is time dependant, or when the British weather decides to throw you a curve ball, take a hotbox on site with you and get the job done in completely controlled environment.

Free Maxprobe Education Days at WinCan

Posted on: May 2nd, 2018

An exciting opportunity to evaluate WinCan Embedded included in the Maxprobe

Combining the strength of WinCan’s embedded drain surveying and reporting software with the power of the Maxprobe push-rod camera from Scanprobe was always going to create a winning team, and together we are keen to demonstrate how this collaboration can benefit the drainage industry.

WinCan surveying and reporting on the Scanprobe Maxprobe

WinCan surveying and reporting on the Scanprobe Maxprobe

Our carefully and continuously developed camera system has been made with the challenges of the job in mind, whilst the WinCan surveying and reporting software has been developed not only to industry standards but to also save countless hours of re-typing drain surveys as an industry approved report can be input generated on site. With this in mind we have come together once again to offer a completely obligation-free trial, that we have called “Maxprobe Education Days.”


The Maxprobe Education day comprises of an overview of the WinCan Embedded software package included in the Maxprobe, data transfer to WinCan from the Maxprobe, a trial WinCan VX Entry licence and a 25GB account for WinCan WEB with unrestricted use for 45 days.


What you will receive
- a full working understanding of WinCan Embedded surveying and reporting software on the Maxprobe.

- training on exporting from the Maxprobe to USB, print and WinCan WEB cloud delivery platform.

- 45 days FREE unrestricted access to WinCan VX.

- 25GB WinCan WEB account.


Following the free 45 day trial there are different options: Keep WinCan running by either purchasing an ongoing subscription based licence, or, the purchase of a full licence, both controlled by USB security key.
The Maxprobe Education days will run on the last Friday of the month from10am – 3pm, so if you would like to attend one (with lunch included of course!) just send a quick email to Nico as directed below.
So come along for the day and find out more, then take away your obligation-free unrestricted 45 day trial of WinCan VX Entry licence and a 25GB account for WinCan WEB and try it for yourself.



When: The last Friday of every month

Cost:   FREE!


How to register: Email Nico Bonaminio,


NADC Members Save with a Maxprobe!

Posted on: April 16th, 2018

Free Accessories Kit for all NADC Members


Scanprobe Techniques Ltd are delighted to once more renew our membership with the NADC (National Association of Drainage Contractors) and help to support the strong work they carry out and instigate for our industry.


  • We believe the role of the NADC in making sure that the views of the drainage industry are put to Government, it’s agencies, local authorities and other relevant organisations is hugely important to the growth, sustainability and regulation of the drainage industry.  Their position of providing training and certification the members to help keep standards of practice high, whilst promoting such drainage professionals at all times is of equal importance, and this is why we are happy and proud to support their mission as a member. 
  • At Scanprobe we share the views of the NADC, and believe that supporting the regulation of the industry as well as supporting the industry full stop are very important, and as a manufacturer for drainage professionals for over 30 years we believe we have a responsibility to support the drainage industry, so along with renewing our membership for another year, we have put together a special offer purely for fellow NADC members.  That is why with every purchase of our Maxprobe push-rod camera system we are giving away our accessories kit for free, saving you £299!  This kit comes in a bespoke box, complete with 4 different skids, 3 different charging cables, spare connector covers, 2 camera spanners and a USB kit, helping you to get even more out of your Maxprobe system enabling you to tackle a wider range of jobs.

Contact us today to take advantage of this offer, or if you would like a free, no-obligation demonstration of the Maxprobe at

Onwards and upwards for the Scanprobe and WinCan Partnership

Posted on: March 19th, 2018
Scanprobe and WinCan meet to discuss the exciting future prospects for the Maxprobe

Scanprobe and WinCan meet to discuss the exciting future prospects for the Maxprobe

Managing Director Jon Barry (2nd right) & Colin Sales (2nd left) from Scanprobe meet with Brad, Paul and Martin from WinCan, and the two companies discussed the plans for the future.  Scanprobe’s flagship product, the Maxprobe pipeline inspection system, has had WinCan’s reporting software embedded into it since 2014 and the partnership has grown from strength to strength.


Jon Barry, who has been the Managing Director of Scanprobe since 2003, said:

“These are exciting times for the future development of the Maxprobe, and I am delighted to have the weight of WinCan’s survey reporting software and expertise integrated into our pushrod camera system.  I believe this is a strong partnership in the drainage CCTV industry and gives us a real edge over our competition.”


The Scanprobe & WinCan reporting buttons on the Maxprobe

The Scanprobe & WinCan reporting buttons on the Maxprobe

Scanprobe travelled to WinCan’s Head Office in Woking to deliver the latest model Maxprobe pushrod camera system to them, as this is used as part of their on-site training program, educating users and potential users.  This gives them first-hand experience with how they can benefit from having the WinCan software embedded directly into the camera unit and entering the survey details whilst on site, meaning that when it comes to reporting their findings there is no need to re-write survey notes when they get back into the office.


WinCan understands that maintaining sewers starts with understanding the sewer conditions, and so their survey and reporting software makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. Their focus on innovation and productivity has made WinCan the industry’s most preferred sewer inspection software, with more than 8,500 licenses sold worldwide, and the shared dedication of these two companies to make strides in the industry make this an obvious partnership.


Exciting times ahead for Scanprobe and the Maxprobe…

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