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Drain Camera Repairs

Many customers ask if we can repair competitors’ cameras, in theory all cameras are similar, they may vary in voltages and design, but there isn’t a lot of difference overall.  Over the years here at Scanprobe, we have repaired numerous competitors’ cameras and our repair team always strive to complete repairs to the highest possible standards.


When it comes to drain camera repairs, you tend to find that the more expensive the pipe inspection system is to purchase, the more complicated it is repair, customers should be aware of this when deciding which drain camera to purchase. Bear in mind that a drain camera is a tool, like a drill and they can fail, but unlike a drill a drain camera is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment, so care should be taken when using your camera system. Unlike most of our competitors, Scanprobe offer a same day drain camera repair service, and should we be unable to complete your repair in one day, we do offer loan units to use until your drain camera system has been repaired (subject to availability). You should also keep in mind that all drain cameras contain parts that through normal wear and tear will need repair/replacing after time such as the pushrod and nylon rollers. Scanprobe recommend that to prolong the life of your camera you should drop it into our workshop for a general service.


If you have purchased a competitors’ camera and need to have it repaired by Scanprobe we advise bringing it in and having one of our repair technicians assess the system to see if we can successfully carry out repairs. In the past we have repaired numerous competitors’ drain cameras, but are sometimes limited in what we can repair due to not carrying parts for other systems, although we will attempt to modify our own parts to fit other systems where possible. We have found 8/10 times we have successfully repaired other units. So yes, we can repair competitors’ drain cameras but depending on what parts we carry.


One of our team will be happy to advise you on any drain camera repairs needed.


drain camera repairs

A selection of competitor drain cameras in for repair at our workshop


The Scanprobe Repair Team – Tel. 0203 253 2001



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Posted on: December 12th, 2013

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