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Maxprobe Drain Camera Range


The ground breaking Maxprobe drain camera from Scanprobe is now available in 4 additional models providing a range of options to better match Customer requirements. Maxprobe systems come with a variety of camera heads to suit all different pipe sizes, the latest version is the MP44 which has an integrated locator and comes as standard on the Maxprobe, Maxprobe XL and Maxprobe 120. Its key features are:


  • High resolution colour camera which produces high-quality image data.
  • Camera resolution  –  600 TVL Colour
  • Super bright LED illumination
  • Low LUX sensitivity giving outstanding image quality in low light
  • Robust design
  • Self levelling camera head
  • Switchable location transmitter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • CAN bus interface – CAN (controller area network) bus is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow micro controllers and devices to communicate with each other within the unit without a host computer.


The standard Maxprobe System comes with a 60 metre 12mm push rod coiler with the following features:


  • WinCan embedded reporting software (industry standard)
  • WinCan web ready (reports can be uploaded to a WinCan dropbox via WIFI or 4G connectivity)
  • HDD 32GB – 1TB (Hard disk capacity to suit requirements)
  • Li-ion battery 9+ hours
  • WIFI enabled
  • 4G enabled
  • ICC 10.4” LCD – Daylight readable screen
  • IP64 open and closed (dust and water resistant)


Maxprobe drain camera system


The additional Maxprobe models in the range provide flexible coiler options as follows:


Maxprobe Micro

  • 40 metres 5mm push rod


Maxprobe Lite

  • 40-60 metres 12mm push rod


Maxprobe XL

  • 100 metres  12mm push rod


Maxprobe 120

  • 120 metres 14mm push rod


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New Micro Inversion Drum from Renoline

The new micro inversion drum from Renoline is the smallest, lightest air inversion drum on the market! Weighing in at just 15kg this lightweight and portable piece of kit is a must have for 100mm to 150mm diameter drain liners.


  • 15kg in weight
  • Large viewing window
  • Suitable for 100mm to 150mm diameter liners
  • Removable lid for easy installation of inversion liner or inflation hose
  • Holds 50 metres of inflation hose or 15 metres of blow-in inversion liner


Micro Inversion Drum from Renoline


See our website for the full range of drain lining and patch materials or contact Andy Booth on 0203 253 2001 for further details.











CCTV Drain Camera Sales Boosted By The Maxprobe

CCTV Drain Camera sales at Scanprobe continue to show strong growth in 2016, boosted by the award winning Maxprobe pipe inspection system which has made such a strong impact since it’s launch last year. The latest consignment of 19 Maxprobe drain camera systems have now been successfully delivered to a well known national hire company.

CCTV drain camera

The process started in June 2015 with the question to Vernon Pain, Sales Manager at Scanprobe “so what makes your camera better than everyone else’s?” The Commercial Director must have been impressed with the response and a month later Scanprobe were presenting the Maxprobe to their purchasing team. Over the next 4 months they looked at and compared our competitors’ products to the Maxprobe whilst maintaining regular communication with us and their Senior Supply Chain Manager paid a visit to our Kenley facility to inspect each area of our business.

We are pleased to announce that the Maxprobe proved to be the best product for a plant hire company who really know their business. They wanted a CCTV drain camera that is durable, easy to use, simple to maintain and can be used in inclement weather whilst giving a great return on their investment.

cctv drain camera
























At the conclusion of the deal Vernon remarked “patience paid dividends, sometimes it takes 11 months to earn a company’s business! We look forward to building a strong partnership with our new friends and being the first choice for their future needs”

If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the Maxprobe please contact our Sales Team on 0203 253 2001.


Scanprobe Partner With MetroRod

Scanprobe are pleased to have partnered with MetroRod (Surrey & Kent). Tony Jeeves, Managing Director selected the Maxprobe CCTV system after extensive testing of both the system and the new Wincan VX software.

metrorod maxprobe


To find out more regarding the Maxprobe CCTV system please call us on 0203 253 2001 or click here for technical specification.


Renoline Inversion Kit Offer

This Inversion Kit is the complete Renoline installation package for lining pipe diameters 100mm Ø – 150mm Ø. Why spend more when you can save on buying the complete inversion kit, everything  you need to set up for drain lining on your van.


£3350.00 plus VAT


inversion kit



·         Impregnating Machine

·         240v Compressor

·         50mx100mm Ø Inflation Hose

·         50mx100mm Ø Superliner

·         3x20kg Open Top Kegs polyester resin)

·         5kg Accelerator

·         5kg Activator

·         2x Clamp Sets

·         2x Measuring Jugs

·         Large Funnel

·         Mixing Paddle

·         2x Buckets



















































If you would like further product details please contact  Renoline sales or call 0203 253 2001.

Thames Water invest in ‘intuitive’ Maxprobes

After extensive and rigorous trials of numerous market leading drainage CCTV inspection systems, Scanprobe is proud to announce Thames Water has now chosen and taken delivery of 16 Maxprobe drain line inspection systems.

Thames Water Maxprobe



























A representative of the field service waste division of Thames Water stated that the Maxprobe was “by far the most intuitive and professional system on the market” and the WinCan software interface is the most “user friendly” system he has used. He also stated that he is looking forward to using the live reporting feature.

Thames Water Maxprobe


The Maxprobe is now Wincan VX ready. IP64 rated with a 9hr+ LI-On  battery, 10.4 inch day light readable screen and 60 meters of rod which will genuinely push 60 metres along with a myriad of advanced features. An unique feature of the Maxprobe is the ability to have the latest software updates on a regular basis, which means that the Maxprobe will always be working with the most modern software technology, where other manufactures systems software will only be current for a limited time.

Jon Barry, MD of Scanprobe Techniques Ltd, said: “The Team at Scanprobe is proud to be associated with one of the main water companies in the United Kingdom and we are sure that the Maxprobe can only be an asset and enhancement to Thames Water’s  drainage divisions.”

Maxprobe Data Sheet















































For further advice and information on any of the Scanprobe products please contact Scanprobe at or call 02032532001.

Scanprobe partner with Clearfirst of Alfreton, Derbyshire

Scanprobe are very pleased to partner with Clearfirst of Alfreton in Derbyshire equipping their fleet with the best drain survey cameras. They will be utilising the Maxprobe’s superb features to provide their customers with clear information, video and images.

Maxprobe Clearfirst

Staff at Clearfirst take delivery of 8 new Maxprobe pipe inspection systems

We believe the Maxprobe to be the ultimate system, suitable for pipe sizes 17mm up to 450mm Ø. Two years in development, working with engineers from drainage companies, utilities, local authorities and franchises have culminated in the birth of what we think is the future of pipe inspection systems. The MaxProbe is packed with innovative and helpful features to enhance user efficiency and provides everything you need to carry out a professional drainage survey.

To find out more call us on 0203 253 2001 or click here for technical specification.

New Scanprobe Van Design Unveiled

Keep a look out for the new Scanprobe van featuring the Maxprobe pipe inspection system which includes Wincan Embedded Reporting Software as standard. “The Future is Here”!


maxprobe van

New Scanprobe van design unveiled featuring the Maxprobe pipeline inspection system

We believe the Maxprobe to be the ultimate system, suitable for pipe sizes 17mm up to 450mm Ø. Two years in development, working with engineers from drainage companies, utilities, local authorities and franchises have culminated in the birth of what we think is the future of pipe inspection systems. The MaxProbe is packed with innovative and helpful features to enhance user efficiency and provides everything you need to carry out a professional drainage survey.

To find out more call us on 0203 253 2001 or click here for technical specification.



Scanprobe Underlines Importance of WinCan Embedded Software In Development Strategy


With constantly increasing demand in the pipe-based utility industries for consistent and standardised reporting of pipeline inspection surveys it is no surprise that CCTV equipment manufacturers have long sought and worked closely with reporting software developers to obtain a survey reporting system that is effectively ‘universally’ recognised.wincan embedded

One such CCTV systems manufacturer is Scanprobe Techniques Ltd, based in Kenley, Surrey, UK. Specialising in the design, manufacture and assembly of CCTV inspection systems, this independent company was established in the UK in 1985 and is now under the leadership of Jon Barry who is carrying on the family tradition in the industry. In addition to the CCTV market Scanprobe also manufactures and resells the RENOLINE Drain Lining System.



For many years, like many other CCTV systems manufacturers, Scanprobe developed and installed its own reporting software on its survey camera systems. In recent years however, the market, both domestically (particularly in the UK Water Industry) and internationally has increasingly been seeking survey options that utilise a reporting system that will generate information for engineers in a format that can be digitally transferred and integrated into exiting reporting systems. This would negate the need to ‘double handle’ data, changing field results from one reporting data set to another and into a standard recognisable defect format, which could then be utilised to quickly and easily compare results from one survey to the next to highlight changes and deterioration in their pipe networks.

One of the most popular and widely used reporting systems currently available globally is WinCan. This is particularly true of the UK water sector which uses the system almost exclusively, but also in many other countries across the globe, where WinCan reporting software is fast becoming the industry standard. Many parts of the world use the standard defect catalogues, developed by WRc in the UK, this being the format upon which the WinCan reporting system is based.

However, with the explosion in field use of portable devices such as Smart Phones, Phablets and Tablets and the huge expansion of these types of technologies used as part of the control systems and data recording package now being offered by CCTV inspection systems manufactures, WinCan looked to develop a new software package that could be run in conjunction with different manufacturers’ reporting systems to provide a base data set that was transferrable and which would run ‘behind the scene’ during a pipeline survey to make the report creation much quicker and simpler. Scanprobe has been one of the leaders in efforts to develop a new software system with WinCan, known as WinCan Embedded, which has been developed for just this purpose.

Working with manufacturers’ own reporting software a fully licenced version of WinCan Embedded creates true WinCan raw data which can be captured in real time at the time of survey. This is then later imported to a desktop WinCan or uploaded to the new WinCan WEB cloud storage system for creation and delivery of a finalised report directly from site.

Highlighting this potential Colin Morgan General Manager at Scanprobe said: “Unlike most CCTV system developers and manufacturers, Scanprobe offers a contracting division in which we have five survey vans equipped with our new MaxProbe system, which carries the WinCan Embedded software. We have noticed since starting to use the new software that productivity has improved significantly.”

Asked to explain this Colin continued: “Previously the process involved completing the site survey and returning the information to me at head office where the report was created by adding defect codes etc. to the base data, often over a period of several days or weeks (given my other responsibilities), before presenting the final report to the client. Now with WinCan Embedded the majority of this work is done on site by the CCTV operators during the survey. The operators then pass back the raw WinCan data, videos and pictures on a memory stick or similar and the report can be finalised and further recommendations added in a matter of hours, if not less, on WinCan in the office, the total time-frame depending very much on the sophistication of the report required by the client.”

In closing Colin said: “What is so effective about using the WinCan Embedded in this way is that we can provide a wide range of reports from a simple printout with a video to a full blown in depth analysis of the pipeline with recommendations for further investigation or remedial works in a much shorter time than previously possible. This makes decision making at the client end much more rapid and cost effective and makes our time in the field far more productive. In short I have my life back!”



A question asked of Jon Barry, Managing Director at Scanprobe Ltd as to why the company has chosen to follow the WinCan Embedded option on some of its product lines engendered a broad response. He said: “Having looked at the market and seeing the Water Companies across the UK using only WinCan as their reporting requirement we at Scanprobe are looking to use this as a standard.”

For many years the Scanprobe systems have been utilised by companies at what might be termed the ‘domestic end’ of the CCTV market. But the company offers CCTV survey systems that can be very efficiently and cost effectively when utilised in networks and at diameters that UK and other International Water Companies and authorities operate in but which currently do not widely use Scanprobe systems. Jon noted that: “By introducing the WinCan Embedded option, Scanprobe now offers surveyors at all levels, and particularly the ‘domestic end’ of the market, the opportunity to produce reports to a standard that in the past they have not been able to provide thereby excluding them from some significant market areas. With a WinCan Embedded system on-board this is no longer the case and so should open up new markets to them. This could be advantageous not only for the survey companies but also the clients as competition increases for the survey work.”

maxprobe pushrod drain system

Maxprobe Pipe Inspection System with Wincan Embedded Reporting Software as standard

Jon went on to say: “To start with our Maxprobe system carries the software but we will be rolling it out onto other kit including our crawler systems over time to offer its use across several systems and capabilities. This will allow operators not currently able to offer WinCan reporting based services to parts the industry to look at doing so.” Scanprobe has designed its own interface so as to keep its commercial identity whilst being able to communicate with the WinCan embedded software in a manner that is useable by the surveyor. Anyone using existing WinCan software but using a competitor’s cameras can also now buy Scanprobe with WinCan Embedded and can still use the WinCan system they already hold. This means they are no longer beholden to any specific CCTV manufacturer and now have an option to use a broader spectrum of CCTV systems.

In closing Jon said: “This is a significant step forward for Scanprobe as we can now offer reports that meet the industry standard requirements in all areas. The Maxprobe also has the most up-to-date software for communicating to WinCan using a powerful processor that has been designed to make it future proof against updates on WinCan. This has allowed us to ‘leap-frog’ many of our competitor systems. For example, if WinCan Embedded needs to send reports to the new centralised WinCan Web ‘cloud’ storage system wirelessly it will be able to do so. Where we believe we are also ahead of many, if not all, of our competitors in that the WinCan Embedded software will not be offered as a costly add-on to the existing reporting software but will be issued as standard on our new CCTV kit as it is introduced across our camera range. We think this puts our systems well ahead of the game.”



Scanprobe Supports Brockham Emergency Response Team (BERT)

The  volunteer Brockham Emergency Response Team (BERT) established following the dreadful flooding in the village of Christmas 2013 has been buoyed by the generous support of Scanprobe of Kenley (Caterham) who have provided a Maxprobe Pipeline Inspection System. The equipment has a camera connected with a computer that allows for the inspection of culverts and drains with the ability to record what is going on in hidden places that may lead to flooding. This evidence can be used to fix the problem or be transmitted to Surrey County Highways. The camera was purchased with the generous support of Scanprobe,  additional fundraising from an event at the Royal Oak, Brockham, the Community Foundation of Surrey and the Gatwick Airport Community Trust.


The chairman of BERT Bob Thomas said, “BERT are delighted by the support of Scanprobe who along with the financial support of Brockham people and the two charities have allowed us to purchase this remarkable piece of equipment, which will enhance the effectiveness of the Team for many years to come. It is anticipated that BERT will soon start progressive surveys of the key culverts and drains within the Brockham area as part of our maintenance on behalf of the community and steer the statutory services to problems that we cannot resolve alone.” Scanprobe are to visit Brockham to train members of BERT in the use of the equipment.

Maxprobe drain camera

Left to right Clive Flegg Sales Manager Scanprobe, Jon Barry the MD of Scanprobe and Bob Thomas Chairman of BERT

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