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New EZiSYSTEM 33kHz Clamp Sonde now available at Scanprobe

Posted on: April 28th, 2015

The New, unique EZiSYSTEM Clamp Sonde, now available at Scanprobe, is a single frequency 33kHz battery powered transmitter, whIch can be attached to a cable or rod up to 12mm diameter. (Smaller diameters must be sleeved to pack out to 12mm diameter). When attached to a borer or camera system, (or indeed any cable, rod, rope etc.) and inserted into a drain, sewer, pipe or duct the signal transmitted can be located using any EZiCAT locator and the position of the clamp sonde identified.

The Clamp Sonde is easily attached and detached and transferred from one cable to another in seconds.


Features include:

  • Simple Clamp system - Using only a screwdriver the EZiSYSTEM Clamp Sonde can be attached to any cable up to 12mm diameter in seconds.
  • Rugged and Compact Design - Measuring only 40mm in diameter and 95mm in length the EZiSYSTEM Clamp Sonde is designed specifically for the most restrictive environments. Built to be fully submerged it can be attached to almost any equipment in the harshest environments.
  • Battery Power - Powered by a single standard AAA battery you can typically expect up to12 hours of continuous use. The battery can be replaced quickly and easily without having to detach the unit from the cable.
  • Bright LED Indicator - Other sondes offer nothing in the way of user feedback – it is often difficult to tell whether they are switched on and transmitting a signal! As with all EZiSYSTEM sondes the Clamp Sonde has a bright LED to show the battery is OK,  inserted correcty and the unit is functioning.


EZiSYSTEM 33kHz  clamp sonde






EZiSYSTEM 33kHz  clamp sonde specifications


If you would like more information regarding the EZiSYSTEM 33kHz  clamp sonde please call 0203 253 2001


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