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What To Look For In A Quality Drain Lining Resin

Posted on: December 10th, 2013

When looking for a quality drain lining resin it is important to look for a resin that is 100% pure polyester. Pure polyester resin is formulated for maximum ease of use and performance, rather than for low cost. In the case of Renoline drain lining resin Norsodyne E8786, the formula also contains a number of additives including a yellow dye which makes it easier for the user to see and eliminates any air bubbles which may become trapped in the fleece during the wet out phase. Other additives help prevent slumping in the pipe and stabilise the cure during long periods of storage.


Lower quality filled drain lining resins have totally different characteristics to 100% pure polyester resin and they are cheaper to produce as part of the resin has been replaced with chalk filler giving it a distinctive chalky colour. These lower grade drain lining resins are heavier meaning less resin in every can and they can be stiffer and more brittle meaning that the resin has a tendency to slump down to the bottom of the pipe leaving a thin crown and thicker bottom to the liner which make them unsuitable for the lining of drains. The filler also has a tendency to leave millions of minute air bubbles in the resin possibly creating a porous liner once cured – the filler also makes for a harder impregnation when wetting out into felt drain liner. (If you weigh a litre of pure resin against a litre of filled resin the filled resin would be approximately 30% heavier)


Renoline in partnership with Cray Valley provides 100% pure polyester drain lining resins based on tried and tested technologies where maximum performance in the field has always been the overriding priority rather than opt for lower cost, inferior quality products.


Renoline drain lining resin

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