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Surface Water Drain Survey

Posted on: November 26th, 2014

The Scanprobe Series 6 Compact drain camera was used in a recent Scanseal job to survey a 100mm surface water drain with root intrusion problems in the Croydon area.

drain survey using series 6 drain camera

If you require a drain survey please contact Scanseal on 0203 253 2008

Dealing with drain blockages

Posted on: February 13th, 2014

Drain blockages, in particular blocked household drains, are inconvenient and can also be a potential health hazard. Most drain blockages are preventable and some of the common causes are avoidable.


Common causes of blocked drains

  • pouring cooking fat, oils and grease down drains – these can solidify into the waste system and are notoriously difficult to remove
  • detergent scaling, particularly in hard water areas
  • flushing paper and cloth products such as disposable nappies, sanitary towels, cotton wool buds and newspapers down toilets – they can form a solid mass and eventually stop the flow of water.
  • pouring cement and plaster down drains – these can set rock-hard in the drain
  • pouring waste oil from motor vehicles into drains – it is illegal to do this
  • collapsed or damaged pipes.


Drain blockages often require CCTV drain surveys

Drain blockages often require CCTV drain surveys

How can I get my drains unblocked?

Contact a specialist contractor such as Scanseal and request a drain survey or quote to carry out the work. Alternatively you can hire the necessary drainage equipment and/or drain camera from Scanprobe if you are competent to perform the work yourself.


Scanseal are specialists in dealing with drain blockages

Scanseal are specialists in dealing with drain blockages

What if my drains keep blocking?

This may suggest that your pipes are faulty in some way. Tree root penetration and subsidence are common causes of broken pipes and specialist equipment is required to cut the roots and then repair the pipe.

If you are a property owner, you may want to have a drain survey using close circuit television (CCTV) equipment. You may find that the cost of a drain repair to your house is covered by your insurance.


Further help and advice

If you want to report a drain problem or require further advice please contact Scanprobe on 0203 253 2001 or email

Why is a CCTV Drain Survey needed?

Posted on: December 16th, 2013

Drains, by their very nature of being underground, are subjected to a number of stresses over the years.  The ground can move dramatically, depending on how wet or dry it is, shrub or tree roots grow around the pipes and subsidence can also add high additional weight over the pipes. In order to check drains and pipes periodically a CCTV Drain Survey can be carried out.


CCTV Survey image showing damage to pipe

CCTV Survey image showing damage to pipe

Traditional Salt Glazed sewer pipes will start to breakdown after a while and these stresses can start to cause leaking at the joints, cracking along the pipes or at worst complete collapse. Leaky soil pipes are not only a potential health hazard but can also wash away the foundations of a property causing subsidence. Damaged pipes can cause blockages.


CCTV Drain Camera locates problem

CCTV Drain Camera locates problem

When buying a property, the mortgage lender will often want assurance that the pipes are in good order. How can this be done, without having to expose the pipes? A Close Circuit Television (CCTV) drain survey is ideal for this purpose. This is a totally non-invasive process in which we insert a ‘rod’ with a camera attached at one end, connected to a monitor and recording system at the other end. If a problem is detected, an on-screen meter counter can determine the exact position.


If a drain repair or patch to the pipe is necessary, there are a number of options available, including replacing the broken section by excavation, or alternatively and in most cases preferable by no-dig or trenchless technology which involves relining the drain or pipe from within with a Glass reinforced plastic. This is particularly useful where pipes are inaccessible, such as under buildings. 

Pipe Repair is carried out after CCTV Drain Survey

Pipe Repair is carried out after CCTV Drain Survey





After a drain repair has been carried out a further CCTV drain survey will need to be carried out check to make sure that water is free flowing without any restrictions.









CCTV Camera used to check pipe repair

CCTV Camera used to check pipe repair





Getting A Drain Survey – What Is Involved?

Posted on: December 11th, 2013

DRAINS! We don’t tend to think of them. It’s the place where your waste goes and we don’t want to know about that, as long as it gets where it’s got to go. The thing is (when there is a problem), like anything, the earlier you spot it the better. Since I started Hire at Scanprobe I always get asked the same question:-  I need to survey my drains, which drain camera would you recommend? And I always ask, is it for insurance purposes? The reason I ask this question is to do with the quality of drain survey you require. If you just wanted to check to see if there’s something obstructing the water flow, you can simply use our look-see supercam. This camera is a basic unit you can just pop down the pipe to quickly identify any major issues. Whereas for insurance purposes or for the sale/purchase of a house you will require more information.


The reason it’s a good idea to have a drain survey done is probably obvious, but it can tell you much more about the property than most realize. It can discover hidden man holes, which in some cases are inside the property especially if it’s had an extension. ItScanprobe Series 6 Drain Camera tells you where each pipe goes, what they are for and whether you will come across them if you’re fitting in foundations for a new extension. By looking for offset joints or cracks a drain survey can tell you if there’s been any subsidence to the property over the years and whether it’s still occurring. You can check for root ingress from nearby trees. Whether your pipes are running through to the neighbor or to the main sewer or even a cesspit. These are things I would definitely want to know before I purchased a property. Now using a look-see unit will tell you most of these things but the Scanprobe Series 6 is the unit 90% of people would use. The reason for this is down to the quality of the system. For instance:- the drain camera on the Scanprobe Series 6 is self levelling, which means the camera stays the right way up in the pipe giving you a much easier time determining where each branch enters. Also by knowing which is top and bottom you can determine whether an obstruction will effect the flow, as sometimes when the pipes are fitted, some of the adhesive can seep into the pipe causing obstruction, but if this is on the top of the pipe and not too big you could (in theory) leave it as it won’t effect the flow.


To survey pipes larger then 150mm I would recommend getting a company in to do it. Mainly because the cameras required, are a lot more complicated (our company can assist you on this). But for a domestic property, I don’t see why any competent person couldn’t hire our equipment and do it themselves.



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