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Scanprobe Easy-Smoker launched in UK

Posted on: November 15th, 2013


With the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker you are able to trace difficult leaks. The equipment has a short warm-up time, so that you can quickly start your analysis.


During the inspection of pipelines and drains, it may happen that a leak is difficult to trace. There is often also an odour nuisance. In such cases, the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker is a solution.

After you have sealed off  the normal pipeline exits, you can blow smoke into the pipeline system with the aid of the hose with connector supplied. Due to the pressure built up, the smoke will go through the leak to outside. In this way, you are able to trace the leak simply yet effectively.

The powerful fan and smoke element always supply you with sufficient smoke. The Scanprobe Easy-Smoker is water resistant so, it can be used safely in the outdoors. The internal storage tank of 1.5 litres is easy to top up with Pro smoke liquid, from the 5-litre jerry cans.


Scanprobe systems are developed to reflect the end user’s requirements. During development, continuous improvement of ease of use and functionality is aimed at. In this, productivity of use is key. Durability is essential and is also tested in our test centre. The necessary wear components are easily replaceable by you or by our service centre.


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