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Drain Relining And Drain Pipe Re-rounding Service

Posted on: January 14th, 2014

Drain relining is a cost effective alternative to traditional drain repairs and one major benefit is the lack of mess it creates. At Scanprobe, our non-intrusive, no-dig technology will ensure your drains are back to perfect working condition quickly, and that they remain free flowing.


The drain relining method

A flexible liner impregnated with resin is pushed through the drain while an air bag is also pushed through to mould the resin to the pipe. The liner is heated, and once cooled will mould exactly to the sides of the original pipe. Once the air bag is removed, it leaves behind a smooth new pipe inside the original that is in fact stronger than the original.


Drain pipe re-rounding

This is a method of winching a specialist re-rounding tool through the pipe to reform it to its original shape enabling the pipe to be re-lined. Scanprobe offer a pipe re-rounding service to pitch fibre drains together with hydraulic pipe bursting and directional drilling. A lead bullet is pulled through the collapsed drain which re-opens the pipe allowing the liner to be put in place. When the liner has cured, the result is a drain once again in perfect working order.


Localised patch repairs

Typically used in areas where traditional excavation is difficult or with awkward access, localised patch repairs are a fast, cost efficient method of repairing blistered pitch fibre or crushed pipework in diameters of 100m to 450m and to a length of usually 100m. Repair work can include re-forming the pipe if necessary and then installing the patch liner.


Water Authority Standards

We will provide an extensive in-depth quotation before undertaking any sewer or drain repair works, which can be shown to insurance companies if required. We use the most modern and current sewer renovation methods to ensure all our work is carried out to Water Authority Standards. One of our engineers will be able to perform a site survey prior to quotation, and will explain the necessary steps required for the repair.


Drain relining benefits include:

  • No-dig or excavation of surfaces
  • Minimum disruption and down time
  • Suitable for drain/ pipe diameter ranges 100 to 1200mm
  • Suitable for handling bends and offset joints
    • Increased flow rates
  • Various types of pipe material can be renovated
    • Tree root infestation prevention
  • Lining systems available for runs containing diameter changes
  • Runs of up to 100 metres relined in one continuous length
  • Renovation and reline works are covered by our Company guarantee


Scanprobe Drain Repairs

Scanprobe Drain Repairs

Scanprobe attend No Dig Live 2013 Australia

Posted on: November 3rd, 2013
No Dig Live 2013

No Dig Live 2013 Exhibition stand

Scanprobe management attended the No Dig Live 2013 expo in Sydney, Australia earlier this year to support our Australian agent, No Dig Depot.


The exhibition, known as No-Dig Downunder, held from 1-4 September was the ISTT’s 31st No-Dig event, co-hosted by the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology.


The event officially began with an Oktoberfest-styled Exhibition Opening, where delegates enjoyed the chance to network in a ‘beer and bratwurst’ themed evening. Featuring more than 140 booths from 124 exhibitors, the exhibition hall was a constant stream of activity where delegates could view the latest in Trenchless Technology.


The Conference’s technical sessions were comprised of 60 individual sessions held over three days, covering 18 different topics, with speakers representing 15 different countries. These were well attended and provided an opportunity for delegates to learn from trenchless experts worldwide.


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