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Scanprobe Supports Brockham Emergency Response Team (BERT)

Posted on: July 10th, 2015

The  volunteer Brockham Emergency Response Team (BERT) established following the dreadful flooding in the village of Christmas 2013 has been buoyed by the generous support of Scanprobe of Kenley (Caterham) who have provided a Maxprobe Pipeline Inspection System. The equipment has a camera connected with a computer that allows for the inspection of culverts and drains with the ability to record what is going on in hidden places that may lead to flooding. This evidence can be used to fix the problem or be transmitted to Surrey County Highways. The camera was purchased with the generous support of Scanprobe,  additional fundraising from an event at the Royal Oak, Brockham, the Community Foundation of Surrey and the Gatwick Airport Community Trust.


The chairman of BERT Bob Thomas said, “BERT are delighted by the support of Scanprobe who along with the financial support of Brockham people and the two charities have allowed us to purchase this remarkable piece of equipment, which will enhance the effectiveness of the Team for many years to come. It is anticipated that BERT will soon start progressive surveys of the key culverts and drains within the Brockham area as part of our maintenance on behalf of the community and steer the statutory services to problems that we cannot resolve alone.” Scanprobe are to visit Brockham to train members of BERT in the use of the equipment.

Maxprobe drain camera

Left to right Clive Flegg Sales Manager Scanprobe, Jon Barry the MD of Scanprobe and Bob Thomas Chairman of BERT

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