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Colourprobe 3001 Crawler Pan & Tilt Pipeline Inspection System

Pan & tilt inspection system for surveying pipes from 150 - 1000mm, DVR records onto USB memory sticks, 110 - 240volt mains or generator, 200 metre cable as standard (additional lengths available to order), text and on-screen meterage with optional inclinometer module for gradient measurement.

This is a complete system which includes:

The Control Unit is supplied in a durable PELI type case and is lightweight and easily portable. All the controls for operating the system are incorporated into the control unit with a compact 78-key qwerty keyboard, along with a text generating system and 10.4" TFT monitor, and coloured control pads for Camera, Crawler, Lights and DVR operation.

The Pan and Rotate Inspection Camera can be mounted in various positions on the Crawler. The whole camera and crawler system has been kept as short as possible to allow easy access to the pipe via the manhole. A range of wheels and spacers provide inspections from 150mm diameter to 1000mm diameter pipes.

The Crawler is fitted with a powerful 150W 48V DC Motor, fitted to a 42mm diameter planetary gearbox. This gives a maximum output torque of 15Nm. Drive to the axle is via a 3:1 bevel gear set and conversion to 4WD via chain and sprockets. The crawler comes complete with a fitted Pan and tilt camera, and fitted wheels for 150mm and upwards pipe inspection.

The Cable Drum has a maximum capacity of 200 metre cable as standard (additional lengths available to order) and is a manual hand wind, and layering system. It incorporates a slip ring assembly which allows for continuous operation, with no interference on the monitor. Using a ¼ metre cable counter wheel and encoder, it measures the amount of cable being used to give an accurate position of the camera/crawler. This information is displayed in the text generator on the monitor.

Made in Great Britain
  Compatible with WinCan V8   Scanprobe Pipe Inspection Camera
Made in
Great Britain

Brass and Stainless steel bodied 4-wheel drive crawler
Forward/Reverse crawler variable speed knob to drive from standstill to maximum speed
4 Wheel drive via chain and sprockets
Set of instructions

Camera Lense Improved CMOS SOC image sensor
Suitable for pipes 150mm to 1000mm diameter pipes
Reel length 200 metres max (200 metres as standard)
Cable type Polyurethane sheathed Kevlar braid for maximum pull strength
Video Output Video Output 10.4" TFT monitor
Resolution Horizontal resolution >420 Lines
Recorders Recorders DVR on to USB memory stick
Voltage Input 110V or 240V, mains or generator
Lighting Lighting 2 x 500 lumins LED's

Kit Includes

• Colourprobe 3000 Crawler with Pan & Tilt camera
• Control Unit
• Cable Drum with 200metres (optional 250metres) Control Cable with connectors
• Mains Lead
• Text generating system
• Wheel Set diameter 137mm for 225mm diameter pipes and upwards
• Wheel spacer set length 60mm for 300mm diameter pipes and upwards
• Wheel set diameter 206mm for 300mm diameter pipes and upwards

Optional Accessories:

• Pneumatic Wheel set 280mm for 600mm diameter pipes upwards to 1000mm
• Adjustable gantry for top mounting of camera
• Additional cable for connection during top mounting
• Laptop version available - Please call for details
• Optional inclinometer module for gradient measurement

Colorprobe 3000 fitted with Pneumatic Wheel set, Adjustable gantry and Additional cable
    Control Box with Laptop
Pneumatic Wheel set, Adjustable
gantry and Additional cable
Optional Laptop Version

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