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Ideal for tracing difficult leaks in damaged pipes

Sometimes leaks caused by damaged drain pipes or mis-aligned joints can be difficult to trace using normal visual or CCTV pipe inspections systems. In such cases, the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker is the ideal solution. Smoke is pumped from the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker into the damaged pipe making it's way through any holes to reveal where the leak is.

Operation and functionality.

After sealing off the normal pipeline exits, a hose is connected to the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker and inserted into the pipe. The entrance is sealed when bellows are inflated, and smoke is pumped from the Scanprobe Easy-Smoker into the drain system under gentle pressure. As the pressure builds up, the smoke will find its way through the leak to the outside, enabling you to detect the leak - simple, yet effective.

The powerful fan and smoke element supplies sufficient smoke and pressure, which can be increased or decreased, depending on the situation. The Scanprobe Easy-Smoker is water resistant so it can be used safely outdoors. The equipment has a short warm-up time, so that you can quickly start your analysis.

Compatible with WinCan V8
    Compatible with WinCan V8
Safety sheet

Easy to Use
Compact design, simple to store
Water resistant
Quickly reaches working temperature
Adjustable amount of smoke
Adjustable air flow rate
Economical to run

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