The mina app is now available on Android

Android – the new home for mina!

“That’s great, but when is it going to be on Android?”

If we had a nickel for every time that we have heard this comment when promoting mina Survey, well, we would have an awful lot of nickels! That was because when we first launched mina back in September 2018, it was launched on iOS alone, as it was after all Scanprobe’s first move into the mobile app market! Thankfully, amongst all of the very helpful feedback we received which has helped mina to evolve to what it is today, was a great deal of people asking was it available on Android. But we didn’t have it on Android yet, and we knew that even with the launch on iOS we still weren’t satisfied with it; we knew there was a greater potential for the app.

mina is now available on Android
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I didn’t want the company to release a mobile app purely so we could say that we have an app. The goal, as with everything Scanprobe produces, was to help our industry to evolve and progress, and so we want this app to be as vital as our camera systems”

Jon Barry, Managing Director of Scanprobe

But in the background we knew that releasing mina on Android was inevitable, as not only was our customer base crying out for it but the market share between iOS and Android was almost a perfect split.

The UK market share between iOS and Android couldn’t be closer

Developing a free mobile app to work in harmony with our pipeline inspection cameras has been a great move for Scanprobe. mina is a genuine “value-add proposition”; there are no costs associated with it for the users, no time-out, and there are even aspects of the app that you can use without using one of our camera systems. Downloads for the iOS version have passed the 1,000 mark in under l5 months, and our monthly free training sessions are frequently booked up into the coming months.

I hear about plenty of cases where customers have been convinced that large-scale correctional works are required to the pipeline infrastructure of their property, when actually all that is needed is a good jetting. Being able to give the customer immediate piece of mind and trust by providing a detailed report on the spot, with all of the photos taken whilst performing the survey, can be invaluable.

Vernon Pain, UK Sales Manager for Scanprobe

But why the delay?“, we hear you ask. Firstly, thank you to all you Android users for both your patience and the desire to be using mina on your Android device(s), as the latter in particular has been a strong driver towards getting us to where we find ourselves today. The main reason behind the delay between releasing iOS and Android was down to developing; after launching on iOS and having it in the market and open to outside scrutiny, our dreams for mina grew bigger and greater. So we looked to determine how far we could grow the capabilities of mina, before reaching what we feel is a solid platform to then develop the Android version. And don’t feel as though all of the “Where’s the Android version?” comments were falling on deaf ears, as they were all being filtered back to our internal meetings , helping us to make it a reality!

So, the gap in the mobile-market has now been bridged, and mina is now available to everyone with a smartphone, for the consistently low price of £0.00 from the Google Play Store. And to all those who have asked (many repeatedly):

When will mina be available on Android?

We are delighted to give you a positive answer.


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We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our full Privacy Policy*

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