The Maxprobe features on the back of a BlockBusters van

BlockBusters survey with Scanprobe!

BlockBusters Drainage and Plumbing Services have been a loyal and vocal customer of Scanprobe for many years now, and the last time we made some noise about them it was when they had recently purchased eleven brand new Maxprobe drain camera systems – we’d definitely call that “news worthy”. So it’s fair to say we have a very strong relationship with BlockBusters down in Sussex, but it’s recently gotten even stronger…

BlockBusters new van design, showing that they survey with Scanprobe
The fantastic new graphics on the back of one of BlockBusters Drainage & Plumbing Services’ fleet of vehicles, making it clear that they survey with Scanprobe drain camera systems

The Maxprobe has made it onto the back of one of Blockbusters Drainage vans!

We’re absolutely delighted at the level of support and commitment shown by BlockBusters Drain to display their drainage survey camera system of choice proudly on the back of one of their vans.

We have got a fantastic relationship with Kevin, Tim and a lot of the ladies and gents at BlockBusters Drainage and Plumbing Services. They’re a great customer to work with, and it is very clear from this latest activity and plenty that have come before it that they really do value our relationship and of course, the Maxprobe! This van-wrap looks great, and it’s very clear to anyone around or following them that they survey with Scanprobe camera systems.”

Vernon Pain, UK Sales Manager

Do you do anything extra-ordinary to promote your Maxprobe or TrapJumper system? Or do you have one of our legacy camera systems that is still doing you proud to this day? Get in touch with Ben in our Marketing Department and share your story!

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