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Scanprobe Technology: Making flood alleviation easy

Drain & Sewer Services were recently asked by a local authority for assistance in flood alleviation. The local area was hit with flooding following several days of heavy rain. Build-up of surface water and debris washed onto the roads had caused flooding to houses, footpaths and roads which contributed to major disruption and inconvenience for drivers, pedestrians and homeowners.

Our team used the latest sophisticated, lightweight CCTV equipment from Scanprobe to a clear picture of what was happening underground without the mess and expense of digging out any drains.

Specialised Scanprobe equipment offers quick diagnosis

We carried out a CCTV drain inspection survey, using the latest pushrod technology and mina software from Scanprobe Limited and were able to provide the local authority with a comprehensive survey report in real time. The report included:

  • A written report detailing the immediate issue with drainage
  • Video DVD footage of the inspection
  • Photos of the areas of concern
  • Mapping of the drainage system

According to Drain & Sewer Services Senior Manager, Duncan Foster: “Scanprobe Camera Systems are exactly what we were looking for to allow us to provide daily, accurate reports to our clients on the progress of the survey team. Using real-time video during a site meeting, allows all parties to clearly discuss next steps and remedial plans based on the finding of our survey teams. I am in no doubt that the Scanprobe technology helps us provide better services to our clients”.


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