2. Wireless inspection camera

SW Drainage

No sooner had the latest update for the Maxprobe been released and the guys at the guys at SW Drainage were keen to use it. The London-based company had heard about Scanprobe’s new mobile app and built-in reporting software, and, keen to ensure that their customer service was the best quality possible, gave it a go, when their engineer Chris attended a site for CCTV inspection.

“There’s always a delay between finishing the survey and getting the results to the customer” Chris said, “it’s always got to be processed back in the office first, and we need to get it there first…”

Chris is not alone in this assessment, and this is certainly a view that has grown over the past few years with the industry following suit with the rest of the modern world in becoming increasingly impatient for a both a return on investment and any resulting corrective action. So the ability to produce a full survey report and deliver it on site was definitely something that got SW Drainage’s attention, and Chris took the opportunity to use it on his next job in south-east London.

“I was intrigued as to how easy this would be, and also how detailed it would be as well”, Chris admitted. “I was expecting to be pushing a lot of buttons and getting a pretty basic report, but actually it was exactly the opposite. Just by doing the survey with the camera I pretty much made the whole report. The box automatically put it into a nice clear report for me too, really simple.”

It’s true that the mina report is fully generated by the Maxprobe control box, the only information that you need to input is the project information at the beginning, such as site details, which entry points you have performed the survey within, and any details specific to your own company such as Job Reference if applicable. After that, the mina reporting software on the Maxprobe creates a pipeline diagram detailing all observations logged during the survey, and formats the snapshots taken from within the pipeline along with any notes recorded. There is also the option to include a survey drawing on top of Google Maps in this report, which is a feature of the mobile app also incorporated within the mina brand, a free download from the App Store.

“I thought I would give this a go as well and see how it came out. A lot of the time I find I end up explaining the layout of a customer’s pipeline network which to be fair can be difficult to understand. If this helps them to understand the works that have been done and any that need to be done, that makes our lives easier. It didn’t take me long to pick it up, and is a good feature in the overall report.”

The survey drawing feature is part of the mina mobile app, and comes with a library of pre-designed icons to help the user create a clear and concise drawing of the surveyed area. The purpose is to remove any confusion for the end user and add extra information and clarity for fellow professionals who might be using the survey for follow-up works, without the need for a quick sketch on a scrap of paper.

The app is a key part of the mina update, as this is where the connectivity and speed of delivery comes together. The mina mobile app enables the user to live stream video from your Maxprobe, or TrapJumper, create the survey drawing and also share your survey report to your customers and/or colleagues using any file sharing app installed. A free download from the App Store, with Android planned for the end of 2019, mina is the first and only app of its kind,designed to enhance the pipeline inspection industry and their interaction with their customers.

Graham Ross, Contracts/Operations Manager at SW Drainage commented:

“My eyes lit up when I saw I could email the report from my phone.At SW Drainage we’re really hot on our customer service and being able to give the customer a clear report before I’ve even left their property is great.The guys can even sit down with them and explain the findings and go through any resulting questions at the same time if they need to. It also means that if there are any follow-up works to be done we can arrange them at the same time, so even less of a delay for the customer.”

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