Drain surveys: Can I do them myself?

Did you recently move into a new house and just want to check it out, or is poor drainage bothering you, and you’re not sure what the problem is? If yes, try hiring someone to carry out a CCTV survey of your property drains. This survey will enable you to identify your drains need repairing or blocking.

Usually, these types of surveys are carried out before people move into a new property. During the survey, a professional camera engineer is tasked with conducting a full drain survey in one day, inspecting every pipe and drain, letting you know if there are any repairs that may be required to prevent blockages in the future. During the survey, minor blockages can be removed, the cost of which will be added up in the final receipt.

Drain surveys: Things to consider

Drain surveys can be quite useful in identifying any blockages and determining the condition of your existing pipework. Often, these surveys are used to diagnose drains that keep blocking, even after a pressure wash cleaned them. The most prevalent drain problems that cause blockages are collapsed or cracked pipes, which are, in turn, caused by tree roots, deterioration of the materials, or by other accidental excavation.

In the past, CCTV inspections were quite costly. However, in recent years, the cost of this technology has come down significantly. So, be wary of over-the-top survey prices; even a large drainage system shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred points, with the average cost being far less.

Precisely check what’s included in the prices. Some firms will clear minor blockages during the survey without charging anything extra, whereas others will charge additional. So, when you’re comparing quotes, ensure that you’re doing it right.

Can I do the drain survey myself?

A drain survey is an excellent way of locating any problems and checking out your drainage system. So, you may be wondering that you could perform a drain scan yourself instead of using a professional service, thereby saving a lot of cash. But is it worth it? First of all, these surveys aren’t expensive to start with, usually costing less than a hundred pounds, so you’re not saving a fortune. Secondly, professionals will be fully equipped with drain rods and industrial standard cameras, when doing such a survey, you’ll likely have to hire or purchase this equipment to tackle the survey.

Then you require the experience to identify the problem after fully understanding the footage. Also, jetting equipment to get rid of any small debris you come across. While you could purchase the equipment on eBay and hope for the best, cheap setups are likely to malfunction or break, ending up as a big waste of money and time.

Also, you need to know how to use drainage rods properly otherwise you could even potentially end up leaving equipment in your drain, causing extra blockages for which you’ll have to pay an expert to get rid of. So it’s not that uncommon, and possible, for DIY drainage jobs to end up costing more money than hiring the experts in to do the job in the first place.

Drain survey tips

  • In recent years, the cost of CCTV surveys has dropped substantially
  • It’s not worth tackling this as a DIY job
  • Many firms will remove minor blockages and debris as part of the survey
  • Before purchasing old property, it’s a good idea to have a drain scan carried out

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We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our full Privacy Policy*

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