Drain Reporting Software

How Does Drain Reporting Software Help With Drain Inspections?

Benefits Of Drain Reporting Software

When it comes to drain inspections, it is often difficult to explain the results to consumers and convince them that follow up maintenance is necessary. This is why drain reporting software is proving itself to be extremely valuable. In this blog post, we at Scanprobe are going to detail the two main types of reporting software that we use, as well as explaining their benefits.

Drain Reporting Software Types

mina Survey

One type of drain reporting software that we at Scanprobe use is called mina Survey. For mina Survey to work, you must first download its free app from the app store. From here, you will be asked to fill in some standard information about your drain survey. After that, you are ready to get started.

While conducting your drain survey, the mina Survey app allows you to live stream it, create detailed drawings of the survey map and send concise PDF reports to the customer. Overall, mina Survey reporting software is highly beneficial as it provides a whole new level of clarity to the customer, allowing them to better understand the issues within their drains.


The other reporting software used by us is called WinCan. With top quality images and a focus on user experience, WinCan reporting software generates data driven, easy to understand reports. Known as “the industry’s most preferred sewer inspection software”, we trust WinCan to provide our customers with answers to all of their questions.

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