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mina Survey

The Maxprobe™, Maxprobe™ XL, Maxprobe™ 120 and TrapJumper™ all come complete with our own survey reporting software, mina, built-in, but far from being “just another reporting package, mina offers a lot more to the user.

Starting with the software on the control box, it comes included with no additional costs or subscription required, and after a couple of pages with pre-defined boxes to fill in the project information, the user is then able to perform a pipeline inspection survey & create a full report on their Maxprobe™ or TrapJumper™. Should anything of interest come up during the survey, the snapshot feature with notes section allows the user to capture a still-image which will then be assigned to this survey project. Straight forward so far. However, once the survey has been completed, the greater value of mina becomes apparent, as the user pulls out their mobile phone or tablet and opens up the mina app.

The mina app, a free download on the App Store, opens up a whole new world for the user in regards to how they interact with their Maxprobe™ or TrapJumper™ camera system, and offers three additional features:

  • Live stream video
  • Create a detailed survey map
    • which you can then add into your report automatically
  • Send a pdf survey to the mobile phone or tablet, to then share to the end customer

With the live stream function, mina users are able to start/stop recording, reset the meterage counter and also adjust the lighting level, all from their mobile device. So for those jobs when the camera operator is separated from the control box display and either needs assistance or additional time, they can now take a portable display with them and have all the functionality that they need.

mina positively affects the entire survey process by adding a whole new layer of clarity for the customer. The live streaming video and Google Maps enabled survey drawing help to explain the survey results in a clear visual manner, whilst the on-site creation and delivery of the report provide the engineer with an opportunity to speed up the customer service and progress the works to the next stage. Removing the need for additional PC software, removing the delay and empowering the user, all in a free download.

For a detailed run-through of how to use mina Survey on your Scanprobe camera system, and on your iOS or Android device, watch the video via the link below:

Training Video

This training video covers the full process, step-by-step all the way from inputting your survey information to performing a survey using a Maxprobe™ or TrapJumper™ pushrod system whilst linking your control box to your mobile phone using mina. Once this section is complete users will learn how to create your own survey drawing on top of a Google Maps overlay and send this directly into your mina survey report within the Scanprobe control box, before the control box creates the report and sends this wirelessly back to your mobile device for the user to send to their customer or colleagues simply and swiftly.

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