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Research & Development


Research and development is a key part of everything we do at Scanprobe. No sooner have we created and marketed our latest product we are back at the drawing board working on ways to enhance it, or improve on it.

Our research and development team have helped the Scanprobe pipeline inspection system evolve from the Supercam Surveyor – a black and white camera on a soft cable reel which required the use of drain rods to propel it - to a bespoke, data-processing and waterproof push-rod camera system, the Maxprobe™. Even from there we changed the way the industry thought about pipeline inspection with our next product release, the TrapJumper™, combining a delicate mixture of flexibility and strength to produce a push-rod camera system that would open new doors for the pipeline inspection professional, and then on from there.

“Innovation” is leading the way, having an idea and supporting it, in the belief, and hope, that others will find a use and/or purpose for your innovation, and this certainly lead the way when Scanprobe ventured into the mobile app market in 2018 through mina. Creating a mobile application for the pipeline inspection market was a bold, yet educated, move for Scanprobe, and we were delighted with the way the market responded to mina. For us, innovation also involves embracing technological advances and finding ways to use these advances to benefit our own industry, and mina certainly fits the bill here.

This department of the business never sits still, and so long as this is the case Scanprobe will continue to develop new and exciting products to lead the way with the latest product innovations.