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Pipeline inspection surveys come in all shapes and sizes, for large commercial projects & small domestic ones too, and one thing you can never guarantee is the level of understanding the end customer has. Being able to provide the end customer with a clear and concise survey report can make all the difference towards establishing an understanding of the works required or currently taking place. All of our pipeline inspection camera systems come complete with the full mina survey reporting software package, and our full Maxprobe™ range has WinCan embedded reporting software built in as well. Click below to find out about both options.

mina Survey

The Maxprobe™ & TrapJumper™ range of drain cameras all come complete with our own survey reporting software, mina Survey, built-in as standard. But this is no normal reporting package; mina Survey integrates seamlessly with a free mobile app.

After completing a couple of pages of standard survey information and drop-down prompts, you can carry out your pipeline survey as normal. Using the mobile app, add detailed drawings directly into your report before allowing the control box to create your formatted PDF report, ready to send across to the mobile app and on to your customer – all in a matter of minutes!


WinCan’s industry leading software has been embedded into the Scanprobe’s control box ever since the Maxprobe™ was developed in 2014 and has helped to make the Maxprobe™ an industry favourite. When input into a PC using their office-based software, the level of detail collected twinned with the analytical power of the WinCan suite of software products creates a comprehensive and visual representation of the results of your pipeline inspection survey.