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We could tell you what we think of ourselves, but the true value is in what our customers think about us. Take a look at our customer testimonials.

We’ve got over ten of the Maxprobe™ camera systems and couldn’t be happier with them. Really reliable units and our team find them really easy to get on with.
Kevin Began, Director, Blockbusters Contracts Ltd
I used the system today and it was fantastic! Really pleased with the product, and the service was excellent! Looking forward to doing a lot of business in the future! Thanks to all at Scanprobe for helping me take my company to the next level!
Lee Clubb, Owner, CCD Drainage
We made the decision to bring our pipe and cavity inspection in-house in order to save time and money, so purchasing a TrapJumper™ made perfect sense to us. It was low cost and very compact so when we don’t need it, it can be easily stored out of the way, and it is so easy to get the hang of using that our engineers can operate it with ease.
Dan Adams, Technician, Harrods
Having completed our first survey with the new software we can already see that the Maxprobe system will enable us to produce survey reports more efficiently – we delivered our first report directly to the client whilst still on site! I absolutely love the Scanprobe system & I tell everybody, if you want cameras, go to Scanprobe!
Bryon Emmett, Director, Maintain A Drain Ltd
Sending the reports from a mobile phone direct to the customer whilst still on site is an absolute game changer. It will speed up the entire process and our customers will be delighted
Graham Ross, SW Drainage
When a large local authority approached Drain and Sewer Services for some assistance with some flood alleviation work to provide comprehensive reports I knew exactly where my next phone call would be to. Scanprobe’s mina Survey software was exactly what we were looking for, as it enabled us to provide daily reports to our client on the progress of the survey teams and also use real time video during site meetings away from the work area to allow all parties to clearly discuss the next steps and how their remedial plans would be affected, based on the findings of our survey teams. I have no doubt that the Scanprobe technology helped us to sell our service to our client.
Duncan Foster, Senior Manager, Drain & Sewer Services