pipeline inspection camera

The advantages you get with a pipeline inspection camera

A blockage is one of the biggest fears about pipework. For many years, the pipes will tirelessly work to remove waste and water from your building like silent, cylindrical heroes. But when you get a blockage, it can be costly, disruptive, and worrying. Often, pipes are buried beneath the ground, so getting to them and identifying the root cause of the blockage can prove to be a tricky proposition.

With a pipeline inspection camera, all your worries are taken away, opening the door to an array of benefits to both you and your customer. Here are some:

Environmentally friendly

Pipeline inspection limits any potential excavation, often removing the need for it altogether. Thus, your environment is saved from unnecessary disturbance.


A benefit of using a pipeline inspection camera is that it allows for the inspection to occur without any destructive and invasive works having to take place. This method is preferable than excavation works which can be costly and disruptive, whilst increasing the duration of the job in hand.


Pipeline inspection allows you the opportunity to look at your pipework and spot any issues that may arise before they become a huge problem. In its lifetime, there’s a lot more that could go wrong with your pipe. Therefore, having a clear view of what’s happening and keeping on top of maintenance is important. Some of the issues that might impact the flow within your pipeline include roots or tree leaves, wipes and toiletries, foreign objects, hair, and grease. These are quite normal. However, if they are left untreated, they may lead to bigger problems. Pipeline inspection camera gives you the full picture, and thus, as a result, the correct preventative repairs may be conducted, saving you a lot of future headaches. This is also the case for brand new pipeline installations which need to be signed off before the works are deemed complete.

Prompt problem identification

A Pipeline inspection camera inspects the entire pipe. If a problem is found, you’ll see it on the camera display. This then eliminates all the guesswork, ensuring you’re presented with the problem first time around. Thus, you would be able to avoid any unnecessary costs that come with incorrect problem diagnosis, leaving you to pay for the problem, not the research!


In conclusion, pipeline inspections are the best route to success because they are:

  • Quick: Isolates the problem without a fuss.
  • Clean: No digging is required.
  • Convenient: Can detect the problem without a hassle.

If you’re looking for a pipeline or wireless inspection camera, Scanprobe is definitely the way to go. By making an inspection camera available for hire, we ensure that your needs are met – whatever they are!

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