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What Are The Advantages Of Our Drain Camera Hire Service?

Our Drain Camera Hire Service

At Scanprobe, we offer a fantastic drain camera hire service. You can choose from a range of pushrod camera systems, all of which come in different lengths. So, whether you require our TrapJumper (40m), Maxprobe (60m), Maxprobe XL (100m) or Maxprobe 120 (120m) camera, we are sure that we have something to suit your needs.

All of the above drain cameras come with a range of advantages. Below, we have compiled a list of some of these, please check them out below:

Drain Camera Hire Advantages

Time Saving: Drain camera hire services provide all the equipment needed to clear a blocked drain quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort as you do not need to source this equipment yourself.

Cost Effective: As an established company within the industry, we have access to specialised drain camera equipment and tools that may be too expensive for the average homeowner or business to purchase. Asca result, using our service will definitely prove cost effective in the short and long term.Accuracy: All of our drain cameras have an outstanding level of clarity, meaning that you will easily be able to pinpoint the issue that is causing the blockage in your drain. This will lead to an accurate diagnosis, making it much easier to remove the blockage.

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