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Company History

Welcome to Scanprobe Techniques Ltd, a distinguished family-run enterprise since 1985, renowned for its expertise in the design, assembly, and fabrication of cutting-edge CCTV pipeline inspection systems.

Our journey commenced with the visionary Michael Barry, who, having begun his career in the plumbing industry during the 1960s in South London, laid the foundation for Scanprobe Techniques Ltd. Inspired by his extensive experience, Michael pioneered the development of the inaugural pipeline inspection systems, revolutionizing the plumbing and drainage sector. Our esteemed clientele, including numerous local councils and water authorities, attests to the efficacy of our solutions.

In the 1980s, propelled by our expanding operations, Scanprobe transitioned to larger facilities in Croydon, coinciding with the entry of Michael's son, Jon, into the company. In 1996, we inaugurated the Renoline division, dedicated to providing comprehensive support for post-survey operations. This division offers essential tools and consumables for repair and maintenance tasks identified during pipeline inspections.

Following Michael's retirement in 2003, Jon assumed the role of Managing Director, steadfastly upholding his father's legacy and steering the company towards continued success. In 2014, our forward-looking approach bore fruit with the launch of the Maxprobe™, a groundbreaking pipeline inspection system engineered to anticipate industry needs for years to come. Renowned for its adaptability and upgradability, the Maxprobe™ series set a new standard.

Driven by a perpetual commitment to innovation, our esteemed development team proudly introduced the X-Range in 2022, marking a significant milestone as the inaugural tablet-based inspection system within the industry. This pioneering concept seamlessly amalgamates the robust camera functionalities of preceding designs while ingeniously integrating all electronics within the coiler, thereby revolutionizing the landscape of pipeline inspection.

Moreover, this groundbreaking advancement extends beyond hardware enhancements, as it establishes a new paradigm in mobile application networks. Accompanying the X-Range is our dedicated application, "mina," meticulously crafted to propel reporting within the pipeline inspection industry and to move the software methodologies into the 21st century.

While our roots are firmly planted in the UK, our reach extends globally, with distribution networks spanning Europe, the U.S.A., South Africa, and Australasia. We are committed to strategic expansion and fostering partnerships worldwide.

At Scanprobe Techniques Ltd, we are dedicated to driving excellence and innovation in the pipeline inspection industry. We invite you to explore our range of solutions and experience the Scanprobe advantage firsthand.