Pipeline Patching, Lining & General Maintenance

Renoline - Pipeline Repair Equipment and Materials

Pipeline patching and lining equipment and materials required to finish the job are all available from Scanprobe's consumables division Renoline. You have the option to hire or purchase the machinery to clean the pipeline, whilst the lining and patching materials are manufactured in-house in a variety of pipeline diameters to suit most jobs. Along with these materials, Renoline also supply the resins to cure the patch or pipe lining (CIPP) and importantly can also offer group training on how to use the machinery and how to patch & line a section of pipeline too. To install a CIPP liner, inflation or inversion techniques using air or water pressure may be used and both methods can be taught through the Renoline training platform.

For our full range of pipeline repair and maintenance tools and consumables designed for the drainage industry, visit the Renoline website.
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