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X-Range Tablet

We know of no other Pipeline Inspection control unit on the market today at this price point that delivers the performance and functionality of the X-Range Tablet. Designed to use standard sharing apps and offering editable PDF reports, there really isn’t anything like it.

Drop it, use it in subzero temperatures, hose it off - and it still works. Scanprobe's X-Range Tablet really is groundbreaking when it comes to pipeline inspection and reporting. And since Zebra’s OneCare Essential is included as standard from the initial date of sale, you can count on the support you need every day to give you piece of mind when surveying on site.

Elevate your performance to unprecedented levels with the latest breakthrough in the X-Range series. Unveiling the X60 for 2024, a powerhouse that mirrors the comprehensive functionality of the X40 but is meticulously crafted for larger pipelines. Boasting standard features such as a 60-meter semi-rigid pushrod, disc brakes, and an innovative 44mm camera head equipped with a quick-release connector, perfectly suited for surveying pipelines spanning 50 to 300mm. Notably, the X60 ensures a guaranteed 10-hour battery life, providing extended operational capabilities. When seamlessly integrated with the X-Range tablet, you not only choose cutting-edge technology but set a new industry benchmark for pushrod pipeline excellence.

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X40 Coiler

As one of the pioneering products within the X-Range series designed for domestic and commercial use, the X40 stands as a trailblazer for Scanprobe's innovative line. Its exceptional ability to navigate pipelines with a diameter of 40mm or greater positions it as the preferred choice for plumbers and drainage engineers alike. The X40 is meticulously constructed from robust yet lightweight materials, offering durability without sacrificing maneuverability. What sets it apart is its versatility in power sources, as it can be seamlessly operated with the X-Range Tablet, the Maxprobe™, or even your personal mobile device. This adaptability, coupled with its user-friendly design, solidifies the X40's position as one of the most advanced and flexible inspection systems currently available in the market.