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As one of the first commercially available X-Range products, the X40 was the pioneer for this new Scanprobe range. Able to navigate practically any pipeline with a 50mm diameter or greater, the X40 is the go-to product for Plumbers and Drainage engineers alike. Built from robust and lightweight materials and powered by the X-Range Tablet, Maxprobe, or even your personal mobile device, the X40 is one of the most user-friendly and flexible inspection systems on the market today.

The X40 Coiler works in conjunction with:

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The X60 system contains the following components: X40 coiler – X-Range Tablet – 30mm camerahead. To purchase this system or any of it’s components individually, please contact us.

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Product Specifications

Part number
  • 1007-1002-0
  • 12.4kg
  • 12.8kg with tablet
Rod Lengtht
  • 40m
Distance Counter
  • mtr/ft
Rod Diameter
  • 8.6mm
Camera Diameter
  • 30mm
Pipe Use
  • 50mm to 150mm
  • 6.52Ah
Charge Current
  • 1.5A
  • X40 Coiler
  • Reel: 1010mm x 415mm x 25mm
  • Tablet: 8 inch: 8.42 in. L x 5.32 in. H x 0.45 in. D
    213.9 mm L x 134.8 mm H x 11.4 mm D
IP Rating
  • IP56 (coiler) IP68 (camerahead)
  • 33kHz or 512Hz
Self-levelling camera
  • Yes
Battery Life
  • 6 to 8 hours
Charge Time
  • 4 hours
Nominal Voltage
  • 7.4V
  • CE and UKCA