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Sometimes a job opportunity comes up for you to do something different, or a pipeline inspection job needs something other than the pushrod camera system you already have in the van. Maybe your pipeline inspection system has given up the ghost mid-job, whatever your reasons are, the Scanprobe Hire Department can help. We have the full range of Scanprobe pushrod camera systems available*, putting a wide range of pushrod lengths at your disposal to cover a range of pipelines.

These include:

So what happens if you decide after hiring your Maxprobe™ or TrapJumper™, that you want to be a full-blown Scanprobe camera system owner? Good news! We will discount up to a week’s hire cost from the price of your brand new Scanprobe purchase. The "ultimate try-before-you-buy!"

IPEK Rovion Crawler

For those bigger jobs we have a selection of IPEK crawler systems available to hire, enabling pipelines up to 1000mm to be surveyed with one of our fantastic camera systems. These crawler systems are scalable and all components are modular, so depending on the combination of the high-quality components, inspections for pipe diameters ranging from 100 to 1000 mm and up to 200m in length can be performed.

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