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Servicing & Repair - Pushrod Camera Systems

We understand that a pushrod camera system is a vital piece of equipment for any pipeline inspection company, and to have your Maxprobe™ or TrapJumper™ out of action for an extended period of time can cost a business a lot of money. With a dedicated team with over 75 years’ combined experience, the Scanprobe Servicing and Repair Department provide our customers with an un-paralleled level of support that is the backbone of our company.

Offering services including:

  • Drain camera product servicing
  • Pushrod re-termination
  • Screen replacement
  • Software update
  • Camera system repair
  • Coiler re-build
  • System re-wiring
  • Crawler repair

Keeping the customer moving is the main objective for our service team, so if that means loaning out a pushrod camera system on-the-house whilst repairing your Scanprobe camera system, where available they will do it. If preferred, they also offer a while-u-wait appointment service to make sure you and your camera are back on the road as quickly as possible. Not limited to just our own cameras, our service department have an extensive knowledge of many other pipeline inspection brands on the market, and are able to give advice or repair these as well. These include the Minicam, Pearpoint, Ridgid and more.

The guys are also there to help, whether that is demonstrating our new products and software or simply explaining the benefits that come with our latest updates to either hardware or software, they simply want to be as helpful as possible. At Scanprobe, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service at all times. For more information or if you have a question about one of our products or services please feel free to contact us.

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