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Our commitment to customer service continues through product training in order to ensure that the customer gets the full benefit from their Scanprobe product. We are always working to make our pushrod camera systems, the MaxprobeTM range and the TrapJumperTM, as intuitive as possible, whilst looking to add enhancements that serve to make the users jobs easier.

In the past such improvements have included:

  • Pneumatic tyres
    • To aid manoeuvrability
  • Lower wheel-base
    • To improve stability
  • Higher quality battery
    • To increase operation time
  • Moulded cable connectors
    • To reduce the risk of damage
  • Sunlight-readable screen
    • To ensure the weather isn’t a problem
  • Software updates
    • To keep the Scanprobe control box leading the way in the industry

Where possible, all of our pushrod camera systems can be hand-delivered, with on-site training given to one or a small group, running through everything from simple day-to-day maintenance and operation, all the way through to generating your survey report using the built-in software.

Take a look at this short video to learn more about the Scanprobe drain camera system, highlighting some of the key design features that help to make it a market leader around the world:

About the Maxprobe

mina Survey – Software Training

In 2018 we released mina Survey, our built-in and bespoke survey reporting software designed to make reporting the results of your drainage surveys easier, and we continue to develop this software.

mina Survey looks to take the data you collect from your drain survey, and by pressing a few buttons and connecting to your mobile phone or tablet, you can view and distribute a fully formatted PDF report to your customers or colleagues whilst still on site. No need for delays, additional software subscriptions or costs; this is all part of mina, which comes as standard with your Scanprobe drain camera system.

In the past we had held free classroom training days for up to 6 people at a time, once a month, and these were booked well in advance until the Coronavirus pandemic sent the UK into the first of many restrictions. In response, we have looked to bring our training onto an online medium, with both live and pre-recorded training sessions coming soon.

For a detailed run-through of how to use mina Survey on your Scanprobe camera system, and on your iOS or Android device, watch the video via the link below:

Training Video

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