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Our commitment to customer service continues through product training in order to ensure that the customer gets the full benefit from their Scanprobe product. We are always working to make our pushrod camera systems, the MaxprobeTM range and the TrapJumperTM, as intuitive as possible, whilst looking to add enhancements that serve to make the users jobs easier.

In the past such improvements have included:

  • Pneumatic tyres
    • To aid manoeuvrability
  • Lower wheel-base
    • To improve stability
  • Higher quality battery
    • To increase operation time
  • Moulded cable connectors
    • To reduce the risk of damage
  • Sunlight-readable screen
    • To ensure the weather isn’t a problem
  • Software updates
    • To keep the Scanprobe control box leading the way in the industry

Where possible, all of our pushrod camera systems can be hand-delivered, with on-site training given to one or a small group, running through everything from simple day-to-day maintenance and operation, all the way through to generating your survey report using the built-in software.


We also offer in-house training on our bespoke survey reporting software, mina, where our camera users can not only learn how to operate the built-in reporting software, but also how to get the most out of it by using our free mobile app, called “mina Survey”.

Our morning training sessions cover the full process, step-by-step all the way from inputting your survey information to performing a survey using a MaxprobeTM or TrapJumperTM pushrod system whilst linking your control box to your mobile phone using mina. Once this section is complete users will learn how to create your own survey drawing on top of a Google Maps overlay and send this directly into your mina survey report within the Scanprobe control box, before the control creates the report and sends this wirelessly back to your mobile device for the user to send to their customer or colleagues simply and swiftly.

Interested? We run mina training sessions every first Thursday of the month, register below:

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