Drain Camera Servicing & Repairs

Drain Camera Servicing & Repairs

As a business ourselves, we at Scanprobe know how important it is to ensure that your equipment and machinery are well maintained and working efficiently. This is especially true if you are in the plumbing, drainage or utility sector, where faulty equipment can cause significant downtime. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at
Scanprobe Drainage Products Shop

Scanprobe Shop – New Look For 2022 Blog

We are pleased to unveil our new look shop counter and retail space for 2022 which supplies a wide range of both Scanprobe and Renoline products to the drain repair trade. Easily accessible to the side of our main offices and with several dedicated parking spaces our shop provides the opportunity to purchase emergency supplies
Service Teamwork

Service has never been so important

“The new normal”, “These strange times” we’ve all heard these phrases and similar ones enough for our lifetime this year alone, as, much like the word Brexit, they have dominated the headlines, airwaves and socially distanced conversations over the past few months.  With much of the country subjected to redundancies & the furlough scheme, there