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Pipeline Inspection Systems

Pipe Inspection Camera

Scanprobe’s range of pipeline inspection camera systems have been developed with the engineer and the pipeline inspection industry in mind, and so they are packed with design features to complement each individual job and condition.

Key design features of the Maxprobe™ range include:

  • Bolt-less construction
    • nothing to come loose and get lost
  • Waterproof
    • if you can work in the rain, your Maxprobe™ will be there with you
  • Sunlight readable screen
    • view a clear display in direct sunlight
  • Multiple Connectivity
    • WiFi, USB, SD Card connection ports
  • Balanced frame & all-terrain wheels
    • for when the ground isn’t level
  • Durable push-rod
    • the rod can handle the rough & rugged terrain
  • One control box
    • for every push-rod camera option in the range
  • Free mobile app
    • Download mina today from the App Store & Google Play store
  • UK designed and manufactured
    • quality assured throughout
  • 9+ hours battery life
    • the best in the industry

But how has the Maxprobe™ pipeline inspection camera system been developed? The answer is over time and with the help and suggestions of the very drainage and pipeline inspection engineers we are looking to assist with their daily job. From the very beginning, when there was a cable reel and a large box containing a TV/VCR combo, we have worked closely with our customers to determine what was worth keeping and what required developing, until we achieved our flagship product, the Maxprobe™. However, the work doesn’t stop there, and there are continuous improvements and enhancements going on to ensure that the Maxprobe™ continues to be a key tool in the pipeline inspection engineer’s van.