The Importance Of Drain Inspection Systems For Preventive Maintenance

The Importance Of Drain Inspection Systems For Preventive Maintenance

Neglecting drain and pipeline issues can easily lead to the escalation of costly issues including structural damages. Pipe damage, including corrosion, clogs and tree root intrusions are just some of the common problems that occur in the absence of preventative maintenance of plumbing systems, often leading to invasive and expensive repairs that can be prevented.

In this blog, we dive deeper into the importance and role of drain inspection systems and maintenance routines in the early detection of potential problems within plumbing systems.

Proactive maintenance practices

The lifespan of a plumbing system can be extended by regular and consistent maintenance. This is a smart return on investment as pipeline damages and similar abnormalities are often disruptive and expensive.

For example, even a small pipe leak, if unnoticed, can lead to an accumulation of water within walls, resulting in mould and mildew growth which can again cause serious health risks. Mould remediation is often a disruptive and pricey project.

Pipeline corrosion is the most common cause of pipeline failures and to anyone wanting to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences and very expensive repairs, ensuring the integrity of the pipeline infrastructure should be important. Regular inspections and cleaning as well as preventative and protective coating, can prevent pipe failures caused by corrosion and stress.

Another common cause of pipe bursts is freezing temperatures, particularly with uninsulated and exposed pipes. Regularly checking for insulation can prevent pricey disruptions associated with pipe bursts.

Similarly, drains and sewers require regular maintenance in order to promote a hygienic environment by preventing drain clogging which can lead to mould and bacteria growth and thereby serious health risks.

Environmental sustainability

It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to environmental protection. Maintaining pipelines plays a big role in maintaining ecosystems and this is done by preventing contamination of water bodies and soil. Pipe leaks can lead to releasing hazardous substances into the environment and in the long run, pose serious health risks to human lives and wildlife.

Consistent pipe maintenance contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Damaged pipelines can lead to the release of the powerful greenhouse gas Methane – a hazardous air pollutant and a primary contributor to the formation of ground-level ozone.

Finally, complying with local regulations and standards to ensure sustainable drainage systems not only helps businesses remain reputable for being environmentally responsible but also prevents harsh penalties.

Identifying potential and existing issues with Scanprobe inspection systems

Scanprobe inspection systems have been engineered with premium quality and convenience in mind. From bolt-less construction to multiple connectivity and durability, our systems boast a wide range of user-friendly features, allowing you to create complete reports on-site.

All our inspection systems are waterproof and designed and manufactured in the UK, with quality assured throughout.

Maxprobe pipeline camera inspection system ( comes in 3 different sizes, so we have got you covered for those bigger jobs.

Long battery life allows you to use your inspection system interruptedly for 9+ hours, without having to worry about sudden battery depletions.

And when you think that this piece of art can’t do more, we are here to remind you that Maxprobe can investigate not only pipelines but also boreholes, chimneys, and other cavities.

Scanprobe X40, one of the industry favourites will never leave you stranded. This is our first drainage inspection camera system to come with multiple control & surveying options around tight bends and beyond with ease. You can choose from surveying and creating reports with an established Scanprobe control box, your own tablet/phone, or a bespoke tablet with full mina & WinCan ProTouch.

Mina was designed to complement today’s drainage & pipeline inspection engineers by allowing a user-friendly interface, fast connection, file sharing, Google Maps technology, and other. All you need to do is connect your smartphone or tablet to your Wi-Fi-enabled pipeline inspection system and you are good to go.

Contact our team of industry experts with over 100 years of combined experience for more information on how your inspection system can make your next survey more powerful.