Greece & Cyprus markets open to Scanprobe

Greece & Cyprus markets open to Scanprobe

Greece and Cyprus are the latest markets opening up to Scanprobe’s range of drain camera systems, as we extend our distribution network into these countries through Green Moles Ltd. Starting out on the contracting side of the business, they have grown into experts in their field, establishing themselves as suppliers to the industry they used to themselves service.  It is this experience and understanding of both the industry and the customers that makes Green Moles a stand-out choice for Scanprobe to partner with to break into Greece and Cyprus.


From our initial conversation with Christos I could tell this was going to be an exciting proposition for our two companies.  The way he spoke about the markets in Greece & Cyprus expressed real knowledge and understanding of what they are looking for from a drain camera system, and it turns out he had also carried out his research on us too!  It turned out that he was one of the first in the industry to discover the TrapJumper when it was first unveiled at the No Dig exhibition in Peterborough in 2018, so the fact that his interest in our camera systems had grown years on from here was fantastic to hear.

Jon Barry, Owner & Managing Director, Scanprobe

Green Moles are the first distributors of the Scanprobe range into Greece & Cyprus

When looking for potential distribution partners, we have followed a strict checklist of key factors that we feel we need in order to not do our brand a disservice.  One of these was the facility and ability to service and repair the systems when required.  Another was enthusiasm and experience within the market.  There is a lot of value to be had in a distribution partnership ahead of looking to set up our own premises in different regions, and knowing the market/customer-base is the main one for us.  The market experience that Green Moles Ltd have developed in Greece & Cyprus is vital towards working out whether or not our drainage inspection systems would provide a solution in this part of the world.


Scanprobe’s range of camera systems are renowned in the industry for their quality of their build. This is something Greek & Cypriot professionals have been asking when looking for a pipeline inspection camera.  Among other features such as the water resistant build and the integrated Sonde, is the build-in mina Survey reporting software, with abilities such as Google maps and live streaming to your mobile device, but most importantly the ability to send pdf reports directly to the customer while you are on-site, this is not something you get as a standard on your common pipe inspection system.  We believe that, because we have an extended knowledge of the pipe inspection & trenchless industry, we are perfectly positioned to bring Scanprobe’s range of products to the Greek and Cypriot market. Greece and Cyprus is a growing market, more and more pros are getting into the pipe inspection industry every day. This new partnership will be another step forward not only between Scanprobe and Green Moles, but it will also help in the further development of the industry itself in Greece & Cyprus.

Christos Antoniou, Managing Director, Green Moles Ltd


We look forward to welcoming Christos and his team to the United Kingdom once international travel is again permitted, and for now we will continue to grow our relationship and business over video meetings.

Finally, we are delighted to be able to welcome Green Moles into the Scanprobe family!