New Website Launched from Scanprobe

New Website Launched from Scanprobe

Scanprobe is proud to announce it’s new website launch which has been developed and designed in-house. Our primary goals have included ensuring focus on our Customer priorities and providing key information on products, services and support.

The focus on the product range has been a key objective and this together with the launch of the Scanprobe X-Range in 2023, has meant the design of a new website quickly became a high priority for the Company.

New website banner

Focus on our product range, in particular the introduction of the X-Range and how we support our Customers and provide quality ongoing training, has been a major driver for our new website.

Developing the website in-house enabled us to incorporate our technical expertise and knowledge of our Customers’ needs. This will also be a major advantage moving forward being able to keep the website updated and current “real-time”.

Jon Barry, Managing Director & Owner of Scanprobe
new website product page
The X40 Product Information

The product pages are now clearly laid out with key information and close up images shown so popular searches and enquiries can be answered quickly. We have also made it simpler to assess which accessories are compatible with which products.

Part of my role at Scanprobe is to provide technical support to our Customers. Developing the website has given me the opportunity to make it easier for Customers to find the information they need both in terms of product selection and how to use the systems effectively.

Andrei Ganea, Software Development Engineer
new website mobile connectivity
Mobile Connectivity a key feature of the Scanprobe X-Range

Mobile connectivity simplifying the production and delivery of pipeline surveys using reporting software such as the mina app and WinCan is featured and explained in detail. Scanprobe now offer a rugged bespoke tablet as an alternative to using your mobile phone.

The new website is the culmination of a lot of hard work to ensure consistency across our brands. The aim was to simplify information delivery to our Customers.

Darren Sales, Head of Research & Development
Scanprobe training videos
The new website features many training videos to help our Customers

Listening to Customer feedback, support and training needed to be addressed. The website includes simple to follow “How to” videos for specific functionality and “user guide” videos which provide product overviews. User manuals for our camera system ranges also have a dedicated page.