Some truths about pipeline inspection cameras

Is the kitchen the heart of your home? It is the place where you share meals, bake cookies, and have awesome conversations. Well, the heart of the home definitely sounds like a great description.

What if the actual heart of your home was not something you could touch or even see?

Your plumbing team might tell you that the heart of your home, or any home for that matter, is its plumbing system. And they can prove it by making use of a pipeline inspection camera to show you around your pipes.

Buried underground and hidden behind walls, your pipes give and take round the clock to keep you and your home healthy, clean, and happy. This sounds like a fitting description for the heart of the home, what do you think?

If you have never had a sewer line camera inspection, why not? You know what’s cooking for dinner and what’s in the fridge. Don’t you want to find out what’s going on in the other heart of your home?

Today on the blog, we’re going to talk about the advantages of plumbing system inspections done Hollywood style. So take a minute and read on.

How does a drain pipe camera work?

Traditionally, if a plumber required to inspect your sewer line or drain, they dug up the whole yard. Okay, that is a little dramatic, but identifying leaks and other issues in the main sewer line required a lot of guesswork and, in the majority of the cases – digging.

Plumbing and modern technology make a great fit. Today, every plumbing team uses video technology to record and see what is going on down below.

Plumbers use a sewer video camera attached to a flexible cable to inspect pipes. Usually, they insert the cable into the main sewer line cleanout of your home. By using a monitor, they watch as the camera goes through the plumbing line.

While a Hollywood quality video isn’t what they get; they do acquire a real-time view of the plumbing system. Thus, they get a visual of the heart of your home in a non-invasive manner.

Talking of non-invasive, that is one of the initial benefits of the drainpipe camera we are discussing today.

No mess to clean up

Homeowners and plumbers love trenchless technology!

Before sewer cameras debuted, the only way a plumber could get a true picture of the sewer lines’ condition was to excavate. In case you’ve ever had a plumbing problem that needed digging, you’re aware of the mess.

Using a camera indicates the plumber just needs a little entry point. They can use various access points to insert a camera directly into the main sewer line.

There is no evidence left behind, and no ugly, long trench for neighbours to complain about. If this sounds overly dramatic to you, just try to dig a trench in your front yard and witness how long it takes for the neighbours to drop by and see what is going on.

By the way, trenchless technology is not reserved for inspections. The true advantage of trenchless technology is the ability to repair pipes without needing to dig. However, that is a subject for another blogpost.

Help to locate hidden leaks

When it comes to helping plumbers locate leaks, plumbing cameras make excellent partners.

You might think searching for a leak is not a big challenge. You follow the water, right?

While certain leaks have definite clues, others, especially those hidden under your home or behind walls, are not difficult to find. A wireless sewer inspection camera can assist your plumber in pinpointing the exact location of a leak. And they can do it swiftly.

Goes without saying, the faster the plumber can detect the leak, the better for you. Untreated and undetected plumbing leaks cost money and inflict severe damage to your home. Plus, plumbing cameras find other hidden issues as well. Looking for an inspection camera hire? Look no further than what Scanprobe has to offer. Give us a call now!

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