Made in Britain? Scanprobe undeniably is

Made in Britain? Scanprobe undeniably is

Scanprobe’s range of drain cameras have been made in Britain from the very beginning, but 2021 has added some extra weight to that claim, as it has been officially confirmed that we meet the criteria to display the Made in Britain logo.

Scanprobe owner and Managing Director Jon Barry:

“Personally, I am delighted; I see a strong quality alignment to products that are truly made in Britain.  Sure, due to costs of parts and labour this generally means our products can cost more than those found abroad, but to Scanprobe there is real value in quality. So being able to proudly display this logo alongside our other promotional efforts, it’s another string to our bow.  Quality is such a big focal point for us so hopefully this helps that message to come across even more.”

Director Jon Barry and the Made In Britain Maxprobe box


Using the Made in Britain logo on your promotional material is more than just a simple matter of “copy & paste” – gaining authorisation to use the logo requires you to hit their very specific criteria:

How to qualify

  1. An overview of your business model and how it fits with the Made in Britain brand.
  2. Evidence that your products are made in Great Britain.
  3. Evidence that 80% of your value chain is in the UK.

With Brexit now a reality it’s arguably more important in 2021 than it has ever been to promote your company for all the strengths it has to offer, both for your domestic customers and those abroad too.  The year has barely begun and there has been a lot made of the problems with goods crossing the channel, so our products being made in Britain helps to settle any fears over supply to our markets.

Scanprobe are proud to be Made in Britain

The team at Scanprobe is very proud and excited by this confirmation:

It’s a standard cliché but a picture speaks a thousand words, and so in this case it’s everything that you might associate with this logo.  As Jon has mentioned, there’s quality associated with this logo, stability of supply in these testing political and economic times, and lastly for me, pride. So the fact that through our marketing output I can get all of these messages across just by using this logo, is fantastic.  Honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t apply for the Made in Britain logo sooner!”

For us, sourcing our components, and undertaking the manufacture of our products not just in the UK but also in our own manufacturing premises is vital.  It allows us to maintain a handle on not only the quality of our products, but also our accompanying reputation.   At Scanprobe, we’re proud to be made in Britain, and equally proud of everything that comes with this tagline, and this is going to be important as the country navigates the new age of international trade.