Mobile App downloads reach new landmark

Mobile App downloads reach new landmark

When Scanprobe entered the mobile app market back in September 2018 it was largely unknown territory for us.  We entered with our underlying vision to help the drainage industry to continue to develop, a vision that drives our every business decision.  But even still, whilst we are a well-established UK manufacturer of drain camera inspection systems, the mobile app market was an obvious step into the unknown.

Last January we proudly reported that our mina mobile app had hit the 1000 downloads mark, and importantly had been well received within our industry. This resulted in a change in strategy and approach for us, as our Research & Design Manager Darren Sales discusses below:

“The dream behind mina at the very beginning was to develop an app that would service the requirements of our customers, by servicing the requirements of their customers.  We wanted a mobile app to help the end users understand and trust the service that they were receiving, which in fairness is predominantly underground and out of plain sight.  So with mina, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for the drainage professional to communicate their findings, and for these findings to be presented in a format that the end-user could easily interpret.”

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So here we are, just over a year on from sailing through the 1000 downloads mark and we have crashed through the 2000 downloads barrier!  Over two years down the line from launching our mobile app for the drainage industry and our focus remains on our customers.  Since the first “milestone” we have been able to launch mina on the Android platform as well as Apple, allowing all smartphone users the chance to try it out for themselves, and we continue to gather feedback from our customers.

“Nothing has changed for us in terms of why we are so focussed on developing our mobile app; our motivation is wholly customer-centric. It means a lot to myself and the rest of the team developing mina that our customers continue to come to us with positive words, suggestions for improvements and even the criticism, constructive or sometimes blunt!  The fact that our customers care enough to get in contact because our mobile app could be better is a great situation to be in.”

The best way (that we can think of) to sign-off this article is to thank each and every one of our customers who have downloaded mina, provided feedback to us, attended our in-house training sessions and (since lockdown first began in March 2020) have watched our training videos online.  Honestly, knowing that mina has become a part of your working solution is why we made our free mobile app in the first place.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for all the latest updates and upgrades!