Lockdown 3 at Scanprobe

Lockdown 3 at Scanprobe

Lockdown 3. The sequel to the sequel to the storyline nobody anticipated, back when 2020 was seen as nothing but perfect vision.  Oh how things change…

Lockdown 3, its not exactly the start to 2021 that we all hoped for.  The good news has to be that since the first lockdown, as a society we have all evolved.  Our understanding of how to protect ourselves, our families and friends, and our colleagues has grown exponentially. And whilst “the new normal” has thankfully and seemingly been dropped as a popular term, replaced by quite simply “normal”, we have adapted to the changes.  On the lighter side, the majority of the country seem to understand that toilet paper shelves do get refilled, and that a diet of pasta and rice 24/7 isn’t ideal.  Plus, Deliveroo covers a large area of the country.

Lockdown 3 precautions have been heightened


At Scanprobe, like a lot of the country where possible/permitted, we have been conscious to the fact that this pandemic wasn’t going away quickly, and have continued to make changes to our operation to ensure that our operation could continue.  We feel incredibly privileged to be able to do so, as there are many industries who have not been quite so fortunate.  Hopefully lockdown 3 will be what the country needs to get this pandemic under control.  For now though we remain open throughout lockdown 3, operating at full capacity with covid-19 measures in place to help everyone from our trade counter team, service, production and office staff to service our loyal and hard-working customer base who have worked tirelessly throughout.  Our customers, employees and their families can be assured that absolutely every precaution is being undertaken to ensure their safety at this time, with strict operating bubbles introduced at our premises along with an anti-bacterial misting machine to clean our customer touch-points and alcohol gels readily available.

In lockdown 3, it remains our responsibility to not only continue to provide a service to the essential workers in our industry but to do so safely.

Our operating hours remain unchanged:
– Monday to Friday, 07:30 – 17:00
– Saturday, 08:00 – 12:00
– Sunday, CLOSED

Ultimately we’re all in this together.  Let’s all stay strong, catch up with friends and family via video calls where possible, keep following the government guidelines and hopefully we can see the back of this virus.

But hey, at least it’s taken our minds off of Brexit.