The Scanprobe Charity Slim-Down!

The Scanprobe Charity Slim-Down!

Christmas 2020 was the year where you simply couldn’t eat enough mince pies, you could happily pile the roast potatoes on your plate and if you wanted to share the chocolates that was purely optional.  2020 owed that to each and every one of us without prejudice!  But now 2021 is here and we are all looking forward to brighter days.

Not wanting 2020 to leave a lasting negative impact on our immediate future, for the first time ever, Scanprobe are holding our very first Charity Slim-Down!  We have invited all of our team to take part in this 8-week challenge, as we aim to look after ourselves whilst raising money for charity.  Here’s how it will work:

  • All participants will attend a weigh-in on the 4th January at 12pm
  • The competition will work on percentage-bodyweight lost; not total weight lost per individual.
  • From here it is up to them how they want to take on this challenge, the sharing of healthy eating and exercise tips will be highly recommended.
  • The final weigh-in will be on Friday 26th February at 12pm
  • The participant who has lost the greater bodyweight percentage at the end of the Slim-Down will be crowned the winner, and will receive a £100 Amazon voucher


We mentioned it was for charity right? Well that’s where it gets interesting.

Scanprobe Charity Slim Down

For every 1lb lost, the company will double it and turn it into £s

Whilst this is an individual challenge, the total amount of lbs lost by all of the participants will be converted into £’s and generously doubled by the company, for the winner to donate to a charity of his or her choice!

“Everyone is fully entitled to enjoy themselves this Christmas; it’s been such an unusual year and people around the world have to deal with all kinds of struggles so why not enjoy yourselves to the fullest I say.  This challenge is here for those of us that would like that little group incentive to get or keep in good shape, with the added bonus of being able to give to a charity that means a lot to them.”

Jon Barry, Owner & Director

Some of the Charity organisations looking to benefit from the Scanprobe Slim-Down

Our volunteers & some of the charities being supported

Some of the charities in line to benefit include Mind, the mental health charity, Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre & Teenage Cancer Trust.  Of course, it is key to note that health is the primary focus of this charity slim-down; participation is entirely voluntary, with the sole intention of helping those looking to get/keep in shape to do so.  If anyone is looking to manage their weight, we recommend this information from the NHS website.

So be sure give them your support if you pop in to Scanprobe or Renoline or call up, hopefully we can collectively raise a lot of money for one of these very deserving charities!