A bit of Maxprobe Maintenance results in a cash prize!

A bit of Maxprobe Maintenance results in a cash prize!

The maintenance of any piece of equipment is important to ensure a high quality of service and value for money, and why should your push-rod camera system be any different?  This was the question faced by Kieran, Kevin & Tim at Blockbusters in Sussex, with their large fleet of drainage survey vans recently each being fitted with a brand new Maxprobe pipeline inspection system in October 2018.  This is the latest investment in their infrastructure, and rightly they were keen to make sure that their workforce would keep the maintenance of their individual Maxprobe systems high on their priority list, after all, equipment maintenance costs money outside of warranty repairs. The question was, how?

The answer: competition.

UK Sales Manager Vernon Pain came up with the idea to accompany the sale of 12 brand new Maxprobe systems with two cash prizes, funded by Scanprobe, to be awarded to the teams with the Maxprobe’s in the best condition after 3 months of use, and needless to say the results were staggering.  Putting camera maintenance up the scale of importance lead to Vernon judging 12 very well maintained and cared-for Maxprobe cameras.  Ones that had been carefully cleaned after use, secured within their vans, and some even had been given clear and designated spaces within the engineer’s vans, rather than being crammed in anywhere possible.

Tim Hayes, one of the Directors at Blockbuster said “It’s worked out perfectly, with a man from the dig up team and one from the CCTV team each being awarded a prize. It just goes to show that you just need to show consideration for the equipment, and it’s not that hard”

Vernon announces the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition

Vernon announces the winners of the Maxprobe Maintenance competition

The winners, Kallum & Ian were very happy to receive their prizes and certificate, and Vernon admitted “There wasn’t a great deal to choose between them, all of the lads have clearly looked after their Maxprobe’s very well.”

With maintenance and repairs taking vital equipment off the site and into the workshop, the simple upkeep of your machinery could not be more important.  A few maintenance tips  your Maxprobe (or TrapJumper) can be found below:

– Hose down and dry your push rod after each use

– Don’t use your push rod camera as a battering ram if you encounter a blockage!

– Make sure to wipe down the keyboard and monitor, and ensure it is dry before closing the control box

– Apply the handbrake when storing the camera

– Periodically apply electrical grease/WD40 to the connector between the camera head and the rod

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