TrapJumper celebrates its one year birthday!

It was September 18th 2018 when the TrapJumper push-rod camera burst onto the scene at the No-Dig Live trenchless exhibition at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. The long-anticipated launch for our latest push-rod camera offering designed to tackle tight bends commonly found during a domestic drain survey, but unlike the Maxprobe range.  The TrapJumper had been designed to do a different kind of inspection job.  It was flexible.

The TrapJumper is designed to handle tight bends with ease
The TrapJumper has been designed to tackle a particular domestic drain survey problem

Now, if you ask any drainage inspection professional, a flexible push-rod is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, so why are we so proud of the TrapJumper’s ability to bend?  Surely it would just coil up inside the pipe, right?  Well, as global sales glide past the 350 mark and the TrapJumper infiltrates the US, South African and European markets, it is clear that it is more than just flexible.

“We wanted to address a particular issue faced in the industry, which is gully traps and general bends commonly associated with the domestic drain survey market.  The Maxprobe was never designed to handle this type of work, it needed a different level of rigidity, so we wanted to find a solution” said Jon Barry, Managing Director of Scanprobe.  “But we wanted it to be a solid addition to our push-rod camera range, and not just manage bends but offer nothing else to the industry.”

Having identified an issue that the industry required solving, we got to work on determining the true purpose for the ‘TrapJumper’.  “I didn’t want us to put a lot of time and resources into developing, designing and manufacturing a gimmick product, it had to have a real purpose and be a worthwhile addition to the drainage engineers tool-belt” Jon continued. “We needed to find out more about the scenario that today’s drainage engineer was going to be in, and therefore what they would need from our TrapJumper.  We needed to do some thorough research with our existing customer base.”

This research came back as we expected; it needed to be more than a gimmick, and needed to benefit the operator as well as those requiring the service.  This is where the portability of the TrapJumper was born.  We knew that we could make a compact push-rod system as the rod wouldn’t need to be as long or as heavy duty as the Maxprobe coiler due to the type of job it would be needed for, so we could make a hand-held unit that could easily be transported and operated by one person, with little to no disruption when it came to undertaking internal domestic surveys. And so with this key feedback, the TrapJumper was born, and launched to overwhelming anticipation both here in the UK and in the United States where our distribution partners Spartan Tool LLC were also eager to get their hands on our latest innovation too.

So one year on from the launch, sales of the TrapJumper are still going strong, demand continues to grow and most importantly there gap in the domestic drain survey market that the TrapJumper was designed to fill has now been successfully filled.  But in true Scanprobe fashion, we are continuing to look for way to develop and enhance the TrapJumper further, as the industry doesn’t sit still so we cannot either…

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