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Drain Inspection Camera: Why It’s the Best Equipment to Locate Plumbing Issues

Using a CCTV camera will allow you to see exactly what’s going on inside your pipes. Here’s why a drain inspection camera is the best equipment to locate plumbing issues:


  • Understanding: Often, CCTV drain cameras are used to inspect your pipes, thereby locating and identifying the source of a leak or blockage. Numerous things can cause clogs, for example, debris, food, and hygiene products. Numerous types of problems are presented with these types of blockages. However, a CCTV drain camera gives a drainage engineer a thorough understanding of the issue. This helps the plumber select the right tool to get rid of the blockage. Finally, the drainage engineer can advise you in coming up with a plan to get rid of future blockages. 
  • Accuracy: Because improperly installed or broken piping may be causing the issue, a different approach is required to address the problem properly. For example, blockages are often caused by tree roots that break pipes; by using a CCTV camera, you can precisely pinpoint the location of the problem. Because roots may sometimes be removed manually through digging up and also through trenchless technology, the drain inspection camera enables the operator to find exactly where people must start digging.

Because an issue has been identified with the pipe, be that an improperly installed one or simply broken pipework, a different approach is required in order to properly address the problem.  As an example, blockages can be caused by tree roots breaking through the pipe; by using a CCTV drain camera, the operator can precisely pinpoint the exact location of the fault, and, if required, excavate the required location, rather than a larger area.  Equally, if a trenchless solution is available, this layer of accuracy will be highly beneficial, saving time, effort and money.

  • Recovery: A really good use of a CCTV drain camera is to help locate lost items that have fallen into the drain.


Since pipes aren’t made to last forever, it’s important to carry out CCTV inspection of your pipes as it may reveal a small issue that has the potential to transform into a rather costly mess. For example, minor corrosion in your pipes isn’t always readily evident. However, corrosion can lead to major breaks or leaks in the future.

A drain inspection camera assists to stave off any potential damage to your pipes. With that being said, it’s inadvisable to conduct this inspection by yourself. Dealing with small issues now can assist you in saving a lot of hassle and money in the future.


Generally, gleaning information about your pipes is challenging. However, CCTV offers the experts a simple capability to record and analyze the issues in your pipes. Plus, they can see the actual problem in video. Numerous CCTVs have very powerful LED lights that offer visuals that are crystal clear.

If one has access to such detail, a more comprehensive understanding of the issue can be brought about. All this technology seems complex and is precise; a water-tight container (at the end of a pliable push rod) contains the drain inspection camera. It can be effortlessly inserted into a pipe and then threaded throughout your plumbing system. There’s no guesswork, no struggling with metal snakes, and no digging. Watching the display is all a drainage engineer has to do.

Reduced Cost

Using CCTV equipment enables experts to ascertain the precise location of a problem within your pipes. Additionally, they can do so without causing any unneeded destruction of your property. Plus, the time that used to be needed to locate an issue within a sewer system is substantially mitigated by the simple addition of a CCTV drain camera. This reduced time means you’ll have to give lower fees.

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