Israel Distribution Partner Comes On-Board

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a little sparse when it comes to good news. Just looking economically, the world has been hit by Covid-19, and the UK are still wondering what is happening with Brexit (yep, that hasn’t gone away, just been overshadowed) so a little bit of good news is very welcome. So we are delighted to announce that at Scanprobe we have just appointed our very first distribution partner in Israel in the form of Abudi Lines.

Inspired by the work that the Department for International Trade continue to do to keep the country importing and exporting, we have been actively looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced distribution partners in emerging markets. And with Abudi Lines in Israel we believe we have found a real gem.

This partnership has been a lot of work in the making; we had identified the Middle East as a key territory to break into with our drain camera systems a couple of years ago, and so work began to secure a strong partner for this region. Meni (owner and director) has big visions for the company, and it is clear he knows a lot about the industry which is key for us. Someone who understands the benefits that the Maxprobe & TrapJumper CCTV drain camera systems can provide. I believe Israel is going to provide a strong market-place for Scanprobe.

Vernon Pain, UK Sales Manager
Abudi Lines of Israel are the latest to sign on as a Scanprobe distribution partner
Abudi Lines are the latest distribution partner to be signed up by Scanprobe

The journey from introduction to announcement has not been a quick one; communications began in December 2017 when Scanprobe identified Israel as a target market, and a follow up letter in May 2018 appeared to keep our name, company and product range in mind. It wasn’t until March 2020 that Meni reached out to Scanprobe to open up a two-way conversation, and 7 months on from there, well, here we are!

Patience is a virtue, and persistence is key!

Vernon on the communication journey from the beginning to present with Abudi Lines

UK Sales Manager Vernon has maintained for a number of years that there is business to be had in the Middle East, and Israel is just the start for his vision. Unfortunately, like almost all industry events planned for 2020, our trip with the DIT to Oman to exhibit at Oman Energy & Water 2020 has been affected by the global pandemic, although this exhibition has been rearranged for 2021. It is hoped that through this, as well as this new venture into Israel with Abudi Lines, that we can learn more about this new market from a Scanprobe perspective. From here we will push forward to continue to do what we have done to date; design, create & develop products to solve problems.

It’s a huge shame that we are not able to visit Meni in Israel to help guide him through the product range in person, but using current technologies we will ensure that he is on-boarded as best we can, and supported to take Scanprobe to the Israel market!

Now more than ever, a strong distribution network is key for a lot of businesses, and Scanprobe are no different. We have a great distribution network currently, both domestically and internationally, but we have to be mindful of the potential impact of Brexit come 2021. As our company owner & director Jon Barry mentioned when questioned in the June 2019 Drain Trader feature “Brexit – what now, what if, what ever“, we want to be as best prepared as possible. It is clear that the UK government are working hard to secure trade deals around the world in order to support the UK markets, both import and export, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and wait. And we were never going to! So welcome to Abudi Lines to the Scanprobe distribution family!

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