CCTV Drain Camera Inspection: Reasons to Conduct Them

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection: Reasons to Conduct Them

Most people, as part of your daily routine, wake up in the morning and head straight to the bathroom. But, after no. 2, what if you find out that the toilet isn’t flushing? What do you do now? Do you:

  • Use a plungerinside the toilet and see if that takes care of the blockage? Or
  • Leave it as it is, figuring it will flush after some time?

At Scanprobe, we won’t be doing any of the above. It’s recommended that you get a professional drainage engineer to perform a CCTV drain camera inspection.

Yes, this may seem like an extreme way of handling a first-time blockage, but the reality is that before the blockage manifested itself, numerous insoluble items had travelled down the drain; totally getting rid of the junk isn’t always easy.

But then how do CCTV pipeline inspections provide a long-lasting solution to this problem, which seems so simple to solve? Well, read on. Here is a description of how the process works and the advantages of the pipeline inspection.

CCTV Sewer Line Inspection: The Process

When identifying and repairing a broken sewer pipe, the first step is figuring out where the damage is mainly located. During this process, the professionals insert the equipment through the sewer pipe and record the whole pipe’s state. By finding out the exact location of the damage, the repair process is simplified in the following ways:

  • Eliminate irrelevant digging and guessing:
    Many people think that digging a trench in their driveway to find the location of a blockage is a simple procedure. Initially, this process seems easy until the simple opening transforms into a trench that spans almost the entire driveway, and the plumber still has no clue on the location of the blockage. A certified drainage engineer, armed with a pipeline inspection camera from Scanprobe makes the process simple because they insert the sewer camera in the sewer pipe’s open end to determine where the problem is. By using the drain camera, you’ll be saved from having to explain to your neighbor why there’s dug up dirt all over your yard.
  • Get a dependable reference video with CCTV pipeline inspections:
    There are certain situations where you’ll need some form of evidence of the actual damage to get assistance. For example, if you have some insurance coverage on your property and think sewer damages need repair evidence, video evidence will help you make a claim. The CCTV drain camera will offer an exact, clear picture of the condition of your pipe, in contrast to a rough guess. Often, guessing leads to underestimating the extent of the damage and the repair cost that makes the repair process quite complex. This is where the value of a professional drainage engineer will shine through, as they a perform a clear and concise CCTV drainage survey for you with a Scanprobe sewer camera.
  • Easily determine the pipes’ condition:
    Thinking about buying a new home? Or have you already bought one, but aren’t exactly sure about the condition of the sewer system? Of course, trying and digging up around the home to determine whether the drainage is in perfect condition would make very little sense. In this situation, the use of CCTV cameras is the most non-intrusive and easiest way to determine your pipes’ condition. The inspection will assist in finding problems like:
  • Pipes that may collapse at any moment
    • Corrosion damaged pipes
    • Blocked pipes
    • Intrusions like tree roots

Knowing that the drainage system to your new home as loopholes assists in getting the appropriate repairs before it becomes an emergency.

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