What to Expect From a Drain Inspection Camera

Often, it’s not difficult to find out when there is a problem with your sewage system, like if there is a gurgling sound coming from one of your drains or toilets. However, it may be horribly evident that there’s disgusting, raw sewage coming back up the drains. While finding out that there’s a problem can be quite simple, figuring out the precise cause of the problem can be a far more painstaking process.

Next time you witness a sewer blockage, ensure you ask about available options in video camera sewer line inspections. These waterproof cameras are fed through the area that requires inspection. Each is attached at the end of a flexible rod. It offers information in real-time since the camera is streaming a live feed that your plumber will be having a look at on a video monitor. If these plumbing problems happen at your business, you can keep a permanent video file of the sewer pipe inspection as part of your record, too (for insurance).

When a drain camera inspection does becomes necessary?

Your sewer solutions specialist or plumbing professional will most likely recommend a camera sewer line inspection if you’ve come across repeated backups in your sewer line or if they feel something odd while using a cable machine to clean the line. However, irrespective of whether this is your first sewer problem or tenth, camera inspections can go a long way in discovering every type of pipe problem usually found in your home or business. So whether a root mass has obstructed the flow in your sewer camera system, or if a sewer pipe has begun to collapse due to old age, a section is misaligned, or if a sewer pipe is damaged, a camera sewer line inspection will reveal the issue.

Why use a camera?

It’s a good idea to use an inspection camera because it allows your plumber to pinpoint the precise location of the problem.

The two main arguments for using this advanced technology in plumbing both benefit the customer. The first reason is to save time in fixing a plumbing issue. When you have a problem with your pipes, especially in the sewage system, surely you don’t want to delay the repair process. Delays can’t just be inconvenient, but prolonged problems in plumbing may cause additional damage to the building of your house or business. Another big argument for using a camera is to save you money on sewer line repair. Identifying the problem correctly will assist your plumber in coming up with the cheapest (and most efficient) way to fix your sewer blockage and get your plumbing flowing appropriately again. Additionally, by running a camera through your pipes, your professional plumber will be able to identify the precise location of the issue, which prevents unneeded excavation. If you’re on the verge of buying a new home, it’s a decent idea to have a video sewer line inspection carried out to check out the plumbing before you close on the property.

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