Your basic guide to a drain scan

To sustain and prolong the condition of your drains, it is important to be aware of what’s happening inside your pipes. A drain scan is the best way to do it.

What’s a drain scan?

In simple words, a drain scan is a detailed inspection of your drainage system using high-tech cameras that are inserted into your drains. These drainage cameras send real-time feedback, letting your drainage engineer gets a good look into your drains to identify any issues.

Why and when would a scan be required?

In any situation, drain scans are an indispensable tool. For instance, before purchasing a new home, a pre-purchase drain scan may be arranged. The scan will generate an accurate review of the present condition of the drainage system of the property and will offer an overview of any potential repairs in the future. The scan offers buyers the chance to make a fully-informed decision before signing any contract.Tenants or homeowners may also require a drain scan when they face ongoing or one-off drainage issues. A scan may discover the root cause of a problem, so they’re vital if you’re experiencing drain troubles but have little idea why.

What equipment is used?

During the scan, the following equipment may be used:

  • Access rods: They are known for their flexibility, and are used to push the cameras along your drainage system, assisting them in navigating corners and tight turns.
  • Crawlers: The remote-operated crawlers are utilised to offer quick visual access to sewer systems, offering exceptional quality even in obstructed pipes.
  • Sonar units: These scans are reserved for filled pipes, offering acoustic profiling to acquire insight into the condition of the pipe where visual access is impeded.
  • Drainage camera: This state-of-the-art drainage camera must operate in tight spaces and under flowing water. It offers engineers with a clear view of your drains, including areas that would be impossible to see otherwise.

What will a scan find?

The short answer is, it’ll cover any drainage issue you could possibly have.

Drain scans are designed to deliver a thorough, extensive review of your drainage system. They can assist you in identifying minor and major issues alike. From fatbergs to structural damage, whatever the problem with your drains, a drain scan should be able to identify and locate it. A drain scan can help to identify:

  • Animal intrusion
  • Blockages
  • Causes and extent of bursts/leaks in pipes
  • Collapsed drains
  • Evidence of poor installation or displacement
  • Tree root ingress
  • Wear, tear, and corrosion

While a drain scan has a ton of advantages, being able to respond to current issues and plan ahead to prevent future ones is its main offering. In the long run, this assists in saving you money – and a bit of frustration too.  

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