All you need to know about Mina

Since its inception, Scanprobe has made a constant push to be a technology leader. Their ability to adapt quickly and spot trends are what has made them so successful. Now, they’re working to empower their customers with mobile tools to set them up for success. One example of this is the Mina survey in England, read on to find out about it.

What is Mina?

Mina is one of the main components of the digital transformation of Scanprobe. Simply put, it’s an app that augments and complements their current drain surveying hardware.

Mina has two important components. The first one is designed to offer surveyors the ability to view live video feeds from their drain surveying devices while controlling hardware features like lights via direct Wi-Fi connection. The second is to provide surveyors with the ability to map out the site and annotate it, allowing them to capture more detail regarding the survey for later reference.

The mobile device application of Mina is developed to complement the pipeline and drainage inspection engineer of today. Here are some of its offerings:


Where do we start? From duplicating the screen to either minimising costs by not requiring an additional engineer to man the camera or display the job in hand to your customer, through to being able to make your detailed map a part of your survey, you can offer absolute certainty to your customers in a simple manner, and at no extra cost.


Use your Wi-Fi to link your smart device to your push-rod camera system, and you’re up and running with mina! From here, you’re able to use your tablet or smartphone to view the display of your camera while fully leveraging the standard functionality of your device, including email and MMS.


Whether the size or location of the job has separated you from your camera box, or just because you want to show your customer exactly what the fix or problem looks like in real-time, you can. With Mina, the display can be duplicated, and even have certain control over the camera.


Ever had to detail where the manhole was, or try to explain precisely where you were, along with where the key points along the way were and where you surveyed? Well, with Mina and its industry-recognised icons and integrated Google Maps technology, you can develop concise and clear maps, adding them directly into your survey.

What are its features?

  • Currently available on both iPads and iPhones.
  • Google Maps are used to easily and clearly plot the key markers from the survey.
  • Create drawings by drawing on top of the Google Maps image by inputting industry-recognized symbols.
  • Wirelessly connect your tablet or smartphone device to your Wi-Fi enabled pipeline inspection camera system to increase the survey value and functionality.
  • Share your survey using any file sharing app on your smart device, including Dropbox, email, and WhatsApp.
  • Easy to use; just connect and go. This application is developed to make your life easier.
  • The icons are labelled and pre-made for you, and no doodling is required. Just drag and drop them in.
  • After you’re done, simply connect to your pipeline inspection system and upload your detailed drawing directly into your survey to add a bit of detail and clarity to your survey, and stand out from the rest.

If you’re looking for a CCTV drain camera in England, contact Scanprobe now!

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